What is blowout fracture?

What is blowout fracture?

A blowout fracture is a break of one or more of the bones that surround the eye. When an object strikes the eye, the force is transmitted into the eye compartment (orbit) [see figure 1], and the thinnest bones within the orbit will buckle or break from the force of the trauma.

Which part of the body describes blowout fracture?

In pure orbital blowout fractures, the orbital rim (the most anterior bony margin of the orbit) is preserved, while with impure fractures, the orbital rim is also injured….Orbital blowout fracture.

Blowout fracture
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Is Horner’s syndrome ipsilateral or contralateral?

Horner syndrome consists of unilateral ptosis, an ipsilateral miotic but normally reactive pupil, and in some cases, ipsilateral facial anhidrosis, all resulting from damage to the ipsilateral oculosympathetic pathway.

Is Silent sinus syndrome painful?

The silent sinus syndrome (SSS) involves painless facial asymmetry and enophthalmos, which is the result of chronic maxillary sinus atelectasis.

What causes diplopia in blowout fracture?

Vertical diplopia may be caused by entrapment of the perimuscular tissue surrounding the inferior rectus muscle in the fracture site. This results in limited upgaze and may cause pain on attempted upgaze as well. Damage to the third nerve branch to the inferior rectus muscle also may cause limited vertical motility.

Who is most likely to get a blowout fracture?

Epidemiology. Orbital fractures, in general, are more prevalent in men than women. In one study in children, 81% of cases were boys (mean age 12.5 years).

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What is blow out FRAC·Ture?

blow-out frac·ture. A fracture of the floor or medial wall of the orbit, without a fracture of the rim, produced by a blow on the globe with the force being transmitted via the globe to the orbital floor.

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What is the medical definition of a PhD?

Medical Definition of PhD 1 : an earned academic degree conferring the rank and title of doctor of philosophy 2 : a person who has a doctor of philosophy