What is CCRL2 gene?

What is CCRL2 gene?

CCRL2 C-C motif chemokine receptor like 2 [ (human)] This gene encodes a chemokine receptor like protein, which is predicted to be a seven transmembrane protein and most closely related to CCR1. Chemokines and their receptors mediated signal transduction are critical for the recruitment of effector immune cells to the site of inflammation.

Is there a role for CCRL2 in the regulation of lung cancer–related inflammation?

In addition, CCRL2 controls the inflammatory response in different pathologic settings, such as hypersensitivity, inflammatory arthritis, and experimental autoimmune encephalitis. Here, we investigated the role of CCRL2 in the regulation of lung cancer–related inflammation.

Is there a relationship between CCRL2 mRNA and breast cancer risk?

CCRL2 mRNA was not significantly changed in murine and human non-alcoholic steatohepatitis liver. CCRL2 mRNA levels were positively correlated with inflammation, fibrosis and NASH scores in the patients. CCRL2 inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.