What is consolidated chemotherapy?

What is consolidated chemotherapy?

Consolidation chemotherapy is the second step in treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Consolidation chemotherapy happens when we are unable to find signs of leukemia cells in your bone marrow (complete remission). It is possible that leukemia cells are still present in your bone marrow.

Can chemo shrink ovarian tumor?

If your ovarian cancer has been diagnosed at a later stage then it might not be possible to perform surgery initially. Chemotherapy will be given first to shrink as much of the ovarian cancer as possible and make any subsequent surgery safer and more effective.

Can ovarian cancer come back after chemo?

Ovarian cancer often comes back (relapses) after treatment. This is also called recurrent cancer. The main treatment for recurrent ovarian cancer is anti cancer drug treatment (chemotherapy). You also might have surgery or targeted cancer drugs.

Do you have to go through chemo with ovarian cancer?

You may need chemo to get rid of any cancer cells that are still in your body after surgery. You usually receive these powerful medications through an IV. But sometimes they work better for ovarian cancer if they’re injected into your abdomen.

How long is consolidation chemotherapy?

Consolidation chemotherapy typically includes multiple cycles of intensive chemotherapy given over a six- to nine-month period. Frequent hospitalizations are required and intensive supportive care is still needed, including red blood cell and platelet transfusions.

What is consolidation dosing?

Dose consolidation, also referred to as dose optimization, is a drug cost management intervention. In dose consolidation, regimens consisting of lower-strength products taken as multiple units per day are converted to an equivalent daily dose of a higher-strength tablet or capsule.

Can stress cause ca125 to rise?

The most popular current theories suggest that CA 125 is synthesized by mesothelial cells in response to stress, which can be either mechanical stress caused by fluid overload, or inflammatory stress instigated by the release of mediators such as TNFα and interleukins [5,6].

Can Stage 3 ovarian cancer go into remission?

Most patients with Stage III and Stage IV ovarian cancer will be able to go into remission.

What is consolidation treatment?

Consolidation therapy is used to kill any cancer cells that may be left in the body. It may include radiation therapy, a stem cell transplant, or treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells. Also called intensification therapy and postremission therapy.