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What is DIPPR 801?

What is DIPPR 801?

The “Design Institute for Physical Properties” DIPPR is a Technical Society of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE . DIPPR is one of best worldwide known sources for critically evaluated thermophysical property data. DIPPR 801 is the pure component database of DIPPR.

What is Diadem for DIPPR?

DIADEM, a proprietary BYU developed front-end for the DIPPR 801 Database, is a convenient interface to the DIPPR 801 Database that enhances one’s ability to view, calculate, plot and compare the thermo-physical properties in the database. .DIADEM can be used with both Sponsor and Public Versions of the 801 Database.

What is the pure component database of DIPPR?

DIPPR 801 is the pure component database of DIPPR. The database contains 34 thermodynamic constants and 15 temperature-dependent properties (with recommended model paremeters) for currently 2330 substances of industrial priority (as of 2016).

What is DIPPR’s project QC?

And, DIPPR’s Project QC ensures that that database contains the most current experimental data and a complete, accurate data set for each compound…. Learn about how the IDEAL Path concept aims to give an equal opportunity to all who wish to join the chemical engineering community.