What is Dominique Moceanu Canales known for?

What is Dominique Moceanu Canales known for?

Dominique Helena Moceanu Canales (/moʊˈtʃiːɑːnuː/, moh-CHEE-anoo; Romanian: [moˈtʃe̯anu]; born September 30, 1981) is an American author and retired American gymnast. She was a member of the gold-medal-winning United States women’s gymnastics team (the “Magnificent Seven”) at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Who are Dominique Moceanu’s parents?

Gymnast Dominique Moceanu stands with her parents, Dumitru and Camelia, before a state district judge last month.

What is Dominique Moceanu doing to support Simone Biles?

Dominique Moceanu understands what it feels like to be under the immense pressure of the Olympic stage as a member of the U.S. gymnastics team — and the 1996 gold medalist is supporting Simone Biles after the current gymnast withdrew from the team and all-around events in Tokyo for her mental health.

Was Dominique Moceanu’s father involved in murder-for-hire plot?

Police are taking a second look at accusations that the father of Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu was involved in a possible murder-for-hire plot, officials said Friday. “The case has been re-evaluated and it is now considered an open case,” police spokesman Robert Hurst said.

Are Christina and Jennifer Moceanu sisters?

In an interview with Christianity Today, in 2012, she said her sisters, Jennifer and Christina, also followed Christianity, and that they all felt their separation as children and eventual reunion as adults was part of God’s plan. On October 27, 1998, Moceanu was emancipated by a Houston court, eleven months prior to her 18th birthday.

What did Dominique Moceanu do before the Olympics?

Before the Olympics, she was featured in Vanity Fair and wrote an autobiography, Dominique Moceanu: An American Champion, with Steve Woodward. The book reached No. 7 on The New York Times Best Seller list. Moceanu was expected to be a major medal threat at the Olympics.