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What is Momentum Textiles?

What is Momentum Textiles?

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What is the implication of Conservation of momentum?

Implies that there is no change in the momentum or the momentum is conserved. i.e In order to apply conservation of momentum, you have to choose the system in such a way that the net external force is zero. In the example given below, the two cars of masses m 1 and m 2 are moving with velocities v 1 and v 2 respectively before the collision.

What is the initial momentum of the system just after impact?

Therefore the momentum of the system remains constant. Before the impact (gun + bullet) was at rest. Hence its initial momentum is zero. Therefore just after the impact, the momentum of the system (gun+bullet will be zero).

What is mommomentum group?

Momentum Group is one of the nation’s leading creators of sustainable contract textiles. It is the tie that binds four innovators in the textile design industry: Sina Pearson, Momentum Textiles, LoomSource and Textus.