What is name of Kamsa brother?

What is name of Kamsa brother?

Family Ugrasena (father) Padmavati (mother)
Spouse Asti and Prapti (daughters of Jarasandha)
Relatives Devaki (cousin) Vasudeva (brother-in-law) Krishna (nephew) Balarama (nephew)
Royal house Bhoja (Candravanśa or Yaduvansh)

Who were 6 brothers of Krishna?

Parents Devaki (mother) Vasudeva (father) Yashoda (foster mother) Nanda (foster father)
Siblings Balarama (brother) Subhadra (sister) Yogmaya (sister)
Consorts Radha Rukmini Satyabhama Kalindi Jambavati Nagnajiti Mitravinda Bhadra Lakshmana and 16,000 – 16,100 Junior queens

Who were the six brother?

The names of these six conditioned souls are as follows: Smara, Udgitha, Parisvanga, Patanga, Ksudrabhrt and Ghrni. They will be again reinstated in their former position as demigods.”

Who is the son of Yashoda?


Parents Giribhanu(father), Padmavati(mother)
Spouse Nanda
Children Krishna (foster-son) Balarama (foster-son) YogaMaya (daughter)

Who is the mother of Kansa?

Pawan Rekha

Who is the father of Kansa?


Who is Balram’s wife?

He married Revati, the daughter of King Kakudmi. He had 2 sons – Nishatha and Ulmuka.

Who were the seven sons of Devaki?

Devaki’s six dead sons were named Kírttimat, Sushena, Udayin, Bhadrasena, Rijudasa, and Bhadradeha. Devaki soon mothered Balarama through the surrogacy of Rohini.

What is the name of Krishna’s uncle?

King Kansa
Lord Krishna’s Uncle, King Kansa, was the son of Ugrasena and Lord Krishna himself was the grandson of Ugrasena.

Who is Balram mother?

Parents Vasudeva (father) Devaki (mother) Rohini ( surrogate mother)
Siblings Krishna and Subhadra
Consort Revati
Children Nishatha and Ulmuka (sons)

What happened to Yashoda’s daughter?

He grabbed the child and was about to smash it on the wall, when the child slipped from his hand. The child disappeared into thin air, as if all that happened were an illusion (Goddess Maya herself!)

Who is kamsa father?

Who was Kamsa in his previous birth?

Kamsa in his previous birth was a demon called Kalanemi, who was slain by the god Vishnu. Kamsa is generally described as the son of the Yadava ruler, Ugrasena. However, some texts such as the Padma Purana state that Kamsa was not the biological son of Ugrasena.

Is Kamsa the brother of Devaki?

He is the brother of Devaki, the mother of the god Krishna —who slew Kamsa. Kamsa is described as human in early sources and a rakshasa (demon) in the Puranas. His royal house was called Bhoja and another of his names was Bhojapati.

How did Kamsa die in the Mahabharata?

He threw Kamsa down on the ground and Kamsa, the son of Ugrasena, died. Krishna pulled the dead body down to the arena. Kamsa’s body was so heavy that a huge pit was created where the dead body was placed. Kamsa had a brother called Sumali and Sumali attacked Krishna and Balarama.

How did Krishna kill his uncle Kamsa?

The eighth son, Krishna, an avatar of the god Vishnu, was transported to the village of Gokul, where he was raised in the care of Nanda, the head of the cowherds. Learning of his birth, Kamsa sent a host of demons to kill the child Krishna, but Krishna killed every one of them. Finally, Krishna arrived in Mathura and slew his uncle Kamsa.