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What is Natus Vincere (Navi)?

What is Natus Vincere (Navi)?

Follow us on Twitter @LiquipediaCS if you’d like to be kept up to date on all things Counter-Strike! ONGOING! Natus Vincere (Latin for “born to win”, often abbreviated to NAVI and previously Na`Vi) is an Ukrainian professional esports organization.

What happened to Natus Vincere in CSGO?

November 4th – Natus Vincere switch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. July 18th – markeloff leaves Natus Vincere to join Astana Dragons. July 19th – Edward leaves Natus Vincere to join Astana Dragons. August 20th – Natus Vincere sign seized and kibaken to complete their roster.

When did Natus Vincere win WCG 2010?

December 17th – Natus Vincere is formed with Zeus, markeloff, ceh9, Edward, and starix. March 8th – Natus Vincere win IEM Season IV after beating Fnatic 2-0 in the finals. July 4th – Natus Vincere win ESWC 2010 after beating SK Gaming 2-1 in the finals. October 3rd – Natus Vincere win WCG 2010 after beating mTw 2-1 in the finals.