What is Salasa ship?

What is Salasa ship?

Salasa Ship is a shipping solution that helps growing e-commerce businesses like you. Connect your store and access multiple carriers at a flat rate – no coding required and no volume required! Pick up and Drop off points is a seamless same day delivery.

Why partner with Salasa to build your online business?

When you partner with Salasa, we will prepare and ship all ecommerce orders right from our fulfillment center – taking away any hassle from your side and getting the job done for you. You shouldn’t be spending your valuable time on efforts that don’t help you grow your business.

What does Salasa do to ensure timely delivery?

We know that shipping is not merely about the weight and delivery timeframe. Salasa, therefore, performs analytics for each shipment like the cost of the package, the destination, and physical features of the shipment to select the optimal carrier and ensure timely deliveries at the minimum cost.