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What is The DXN website?

What is The DXN website?

DXN website contains information, data, documents, policies, procedures, guidelines and images (herewith refer as “Information”) prepared by DXN.

What is dxdxn Sheen?

DXN Sheen is a remarkable concentrated formula that saves your money by cleaning more surfaces. With its multi-purpose grease removal properties, it eliminates stains effectively from washable surfaces e.g. walls, floors, windows, glass, appliances, furniture and other household surfaces.

What happened to DXN Holdings Berhad?

On 30 September 2003, DXN Holdings Berhad was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. DXN was delisted on 27 December 2011 due to a take-over offer by the founder. DXN Holdings Berhad is the investment holdings and management company of DXN Group.

What is dxdxn toilet bowl cleaner?

DXN Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an active cleansing agent that loosens and removes dirt and stains so that your toilet will be clean and bacteria-free. It also leaves a refreshing fragrance and deodorizes your toilet. No unpleasant smell! Its uniquely designed bottle and cap is more user friendly and ensures easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.

What are DXN’s core business activities?

The core business activities of DXN include cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of the health food supplements. Based in Malaysia with worldwide operations, the company is well-known for its Ganoderma business.

What is DXN’s policy on the use of trade names?

All trade names, trademarks, service names, product names, product information, URLs, website addresses, logos, designs or symbols are the property of DXN. DXN does not allow the use of these, for whatsoever purposes or by anyone, without prior written consent of DXN, with the exception of authorised DXN branches and stockists.

What is DXN’s responsibility for the accuracy of the information?

DXN assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, validity, reliability and correctness of the Information and the third party Information that are in anyway interpreted and used by a user. No part of this publication maybe reproduced in any form or forwarded to any other person without prior written consent of DXN.