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What is the exact meaning of Mobilisation?

What is the exact meaning of Mobilisation?

noun. the act or process of marshaling, organizing, or preparing something for action:The study was undertaken as part of the mobilization for Ebola prevention in Sierra Leone.

What is another word for mobilization?

What is another word for mobilization?

muster assembly
gathering meeting
congregation convocation
rally collection
convention assemblage

What is mobilize in war?

mobilization, in war or national defense, organization of the armed forces of a nation for active military service in time of war or other national emergency. In its full scope, mobilization includes the organization of all resources of a nation for support of the military effort.

What does mobilize mean in economics?

Economic mobilization is the preparation of resources for usage in a national emergency by carrying out changes in the organization of the national economy. It is reorganizing the functioning of the national economy to use resources most effectively in support of the total war effort.

What does Mobilization in construction mean?

Mobilization consists of preparatory work and operations necessary for the movement of personnel, equipment, supplies, and incidentals to the project site; for the establishment of offices, buildings, and other facilities necessary for the work; for premiums on bond and insurance for the work; and for other operations …

What is the opposite of mobilize?

Antonyms: demobilize, demob, demobilise, inactivate. Synonyms: summon, circulate, mobilise, rally, call up, marshal.

What are mobilization exercises?

Mobilizations are basically active or “dynamic” stretches and rhythmical movements that “massage” your muscles and joints with movement — wiggle therapy. The currently sexy technical term is “dynamic joint mobility drills,” but I prefer my simpler term mobilizations.

What does mobilize in war mean?

What is an example of mobilization?

Mobilization is the process of making something capable of movement, or to have people and resources ready to move or act. An example of a mobilization is providing a wheelchair to a handicapped patient.

What happens during construction mobilization?

Mobilization shall include all activities and associated costs for transportation of contractor’s personnel, equipment, and operating supplies to the site; establishment of offices, buildings, and other necessary general facilities for the contractor’s operations at the site; premiums paid for performance and payment …

What is mobilization in project management?

Mobilisation (Mobilization) is an act of mobilising that organises or prepares the required or planned resources including a group of people or tools and equipment, etc. for the specific purpose. Related Definitions in the Project: The Project Management.

What is the medical definition of mobilization?

Medical Definition of mobilization 1 : the act or process of mobilizing mobilization of glycogen 2 : the state of being mobilized

What is passive joint mobilisation and how does it work?

— Sport & Performing Arts Injury Clinic – Carlisle Passive joint mobilisation is a safe, non surgical technique frequently used by Osteopaths, Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists. The aim is to improve joint mobility and reduce pain.

What does it mean to mobilize for war?

English Language Learners Definition of mobilize. : to bring (people) together for action. : to come together for action. : to make (soldiers, an army, etc.) ready for war. See the full definition for mobilize in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

How do you use mobilize in a sentence?

Examples of mobilize in a Sentence They couldn’t mobilize enough support to pass the new law. Several groups have mobilized to oppose the proposed new law. They have the ability to mobilize quickly. The government had to mobilize the army quickly. More than 10,000 troops were mobilized for war.