What is the French equivalent of a bachelor degree?

What is the French equivalent of a bachelor degree?

A “licence” is the French equivalent of a Bachelors Degree (3 years university study) – so a translation of my above would be “A student studying for a Bachelors Degree”.

What is a degree called in France?

There are three types of university degrees in France: Licence (L1, L2, L3) is an undergraduate degree awarded after a period of study lasting 6 semesters (3 years). Master’s (M1, M2) is a graduate degree awarded after a period of study lasting 2 years (a total of 5 years’ study).

What does M1 mean in France?

first year of Master
A Master’s program is usually completed after two years of studies in France, called M1 (first year of Master) and M2 (second year of Master).

What is the equivalent of a French BTS?

The BTS is a level III diploma in the French diploma system (equivalent to level 5 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

What is a university degree in French?

A diplôme universitaire (DU) is, in France, a university degree. Contrary to the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees, which are national, DU means “University diploma”.

What is a level equivalent in France?

In their final year of school, French students take le baccalauréat, or le bac, which is the equivalent of A-levels.

What is associate degree equivalent in France?

An associate’s degree is a 2 year college degree. In France, there are several degrees corresponding to that level : DUT, BTS, DEUG (older dregree system), etc. Most of the time, it is often referred to as Niveau Bac +2. Actually, no need to use the word “niveau”.

What is an M2 France?

M1 and M2 literally mean “first year of master” and “second year of master”. They are not degrees, they are years, like “sophomore” or “senior” in the US. The master’s degree is the combination of these two years.

What is masters degree called in France?

Compared to other degrees, master’s degrees in France are very varied, with program types and titles including “master”, “mastère” (or Master of Science/MSc), and “specialized master” (Mastère Spécialisé).

Is BTS a diploma?

BTS is a 3-year Degree Programme. The programme is of 96 credits. The BTS Programme is designed for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in travel and tourism sector at different level. BTS is a 3-year Degree Programme.

What is a French Diplome?

In France, a diplôme universitaire (DU, in English “university degree”) or interuniversitaire (DIU, in English “inter-university degree”) is a degree from a French university, a grand établissement or Établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel, or many establishments jointly, as opposed to …

Is a degree a Bachelor?

A bachelor’s degree is a course of academic study leading to a qualification such as a bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of science (BSc), or bachelor of medicine (MB). Some bachelor’s degrees, like medical courses can take longer. You can also study for a bachelor’s degree part-time, or through flexible learning.

What is the 3rd year of a French degree called?

The third year of today’s licence was referred to as the licence, and the fourth year as the maîtrise. Today’s master recherche was a year-long degree called a DEA ( diplôme d’études approfondies) and the master professionnel a DESS ( diplôme d’études spécialisées ).

What is the equivalent of a US degree in France?

For example, a master’s degree is a “bac plus cinq” (Bac+5). There is no standard or official equivalency between French and American degrees. The following infomation is provided as a guideline: An American high school diploma sometimes qualifies the student to enter an institution of higher education in France.

What is the equivalent of a Russian bachelor degree in France?

According to the wikipedia page about Bachelor, the russian bachelor would be (for France) an equivalent of the master degree (5 years at university). Here are the list of french degrees (levels could be different in other countries) : You gain the ability to study at university level when you obtain the baccalauréat, you become a bachelier

What is the equivalence between Franch diploma and American diploma?

There aren’t equivalence between Franch diploma and American diploma. A Bachelor Degree in Maths it’s approximately a “Lincence Mathématiques” in France (after 3 years in university). So, if you need to study in France after a Bachelor Degree, maybe you will be in Maîtrise (Master 1).