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What is the latest pod version?

What is the latest pod version?


Original author(s) Eloy Durán
Stable release 1.11.2
Preview release January 7, 2021
Written in Ruby
Platform macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS

How do I download CocoaPods?

Open the Podfile by selecting Tools | CocoaPods | Edit Podfile from the main menu….Install pods

  1. Place the caret at the code line where you add the pod, press ⌥ ⏎ , select Install, and press ⏎ .
  2. Click Install pods in the top-left corner of the editor window.
  3. From the main menu, select Tools | CocoaPods | Install.

How do I update my pods on my Mac?

Below are steps to update cocoapods :

  1. Open terminal (Shortcut : Press cmd + space tab to open Spotlight then text in terminal )
  2. Use command sudo gem install cocoapods. This will ask for system password due to security concern thereafter it installs gems.

How do I update my pod?

Use pod install to install new pods in your project. Even if you already have a Podfile and ran pod install before; so even if you are just adding/removing pods to a project already using CocoaPods. Use pod update [PODNAME] only when you want to update pods to a newer version.

How do I know what version my pod is?

  1. There are two way to know Pod version:
  2. pod –version. 1.10.1.
  3. gem which cocoapods. /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/cocoapods-1.10.1/lib/cocoapods.rb.

What is CocoaPods react native?

CocoaPods is a package management tool for iOS and macOS development. We use it to add the actual React Native framework code locally into your current project. We recommend installing CocoaPods using Homebrew.

How do I know what version of CocoaPods I have?

Can you buy cocoa pods?

Go to sites such as eBay and ECPlaza and create an account to list your cocoa beans. Many distributors use websites such as these to sell their products, and many sell items such as cocoa beans to manufacturers that need them. Enter “Cocoa beans” in the search box to get an idea of the buyers in your market.

How do I know which version of POD I have?

How do you know what pods are running in Kubernetes?

List All Container Images Running in a Cluster

  1. Fetch all Pods in all namespaces using kubectl get pods –all-namespaces.
  2. Format the output to include only the list of Container image names using -o jsonpath={. items[*]. spec.
  3. Format the output using standard tools: tr , sort , uniq. Use tr to replace spaces with newlines.

What does PoD stand for?


Acronym Definition
POD Proof Of Delivery
POD Pay On Demand
POD Print On Demand
POD Payable on Death (band name)

How do I undo a pod update?

You can go through the version changes in the pod install ‘s output and rewrite your podfile with the desired versions. and run pod update again. In such a case, close Xcode , delete your podfile and run pod install again.

How to update CocoaPods to the latest version?

Execute the following on your terminal to get the latest stable version: Add –pre to get the latest pre release: Try uninstall and install again: After updating CocoaPods, also need to update Podfile.lock file in your project. Go to your project directory If there is any error happens, remove all old Pods and re-install.

How to get detailed version of gems and CocoaPods in Linux?

Now if you want detailed version of Gems and Cocoapods then use below command : Now if you want to get specific version of Pod present in Podfile then simply use command pod install in terminal. This will show list of pod being used in project along with version.

Which version of CocoaPods is built with Ruby?

CocoaPods program version CocoaPods program that is built with Ruby and it will be installable with the default Ruby available on macOS. pod –version //1.8.0.beta.2 //or gem which cocoapods //Library/Ruby/Gems/2.3.0/gems/cocoapods-1.8.0.beta.2/lib/cocoapods.rb //install or update sudo gem install cocoapods

How do I install CocoaPods on Xcode?

CocoaPods is a dependency manager which integrates dependencies into your Xcode workspace. To install it using RubyGems run: gem install cocoapods. To install Updates using Cocoapods, simply add the following line to your Podfile: pod “Updates”. Then run the command: pod install. For more information see here.