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What is the meaning of taking no prisoners?

What is the meaning of taking no prisoners?

: to be aggressively harsh, tough, or relentless (as in pursuing a goal, exploiting an advantage, or expressing criticism) a politician who takes no prisoners His record as a tough, capable administrator somehow manages to satisfy both Pentagon hard-liners and State Department moderates. “

What is the meaning of taken prisoner?

Definition of take (someone) prisoner : to capture and make (someone) one’s prisoner They took him prisoner. The pilot was shot down and taken prisoner.

What’s another way to say take no prisoners?

Take-no-prisoners Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for take-no-prisoners?

callous heartless
inhumane unmerciful
uncharitable remorseless
unsparing stony
compassionless indurate

What is the meaning of take no for an answer?

Definition of not take no for an answer : to insist on something I told him that I couldn’t come to the party, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Where did the term take no prisoners come from?

Etymology. The term may originate from an order by the commander of a victorious army that they will not quarter (house) captured enemy combatants. Therefore, none can be taken prisoner and all enemy combatants must be killed.

Where did the saying take no prisoners come from?

How in the red are you meaning?

informal. C2. If you or your bank account are in the red, you owe money to the bank. Compare. be in the black.

What do you call a man that won’t take no for an answer?

These are the “unbridled aggressive” personalities I’ve written about before and who professionals have often been labeled as antisocial or sociopathic. They’re aggressively self-concerned and self-advancing and care little about others.

How do you deal with taking no as an answer?

Points to Emphasize

  1. Make a distinction as to how you would respond based on who is saying no.
  2. If it’s a supervisor saying no, respond that you would respect his or her decision.
  3. It’s also a good idea to mention your willingness to understand the decision so that you can improve for the future.

What does take no survivors mean?

Literally, to leave no enemies combatants alive, such as on a battlefield (i.e., to kill everyone instead of taking any prisoners).

What does it mean to take no prisoners?

take no prisoners. to be very determined and not care about other people’s feelings when trying to achieve something: When Eric’s anger is aroused, he takes no prisoners. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

Is there a take no prisoners approach to the wine business?

— Kirsten Fleming He is one of a kind—a maverick with a take-no-prisoners approach to the wine business. — Wine Spectator The long-distance marketers are now digging in for a take-no-prisoners strategy to keep a tight grip on their $70 billion industry …

What is the meaning of prisoner of time?

2. a person confined by any of various restraints: we are all prisoners of time. 3. take no prisoners informal to be uncompromising and resolute in one’s actions. 4. take someone prisoner to capture and hold someone as a prisoner, esp as a prisoner of war.

Who said Mr Smith takes no prisoners?

— Willie Schatz Mr. Smith takes no prisoners as he lambastes a policy he believes was misguided and mistaken from the beginning. — Walter Russell Mead “Take-no-prisoners.”