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What is the meaning of Va Bene?

What is the meaning of Va Bene?

It means ‘ok’ or ‘alright’, and you’re going to hear it every five seconds. Va bene literally translates as ‘goes well’ and, if things are going well, you’d use it in response to the question come va? (how’s it going?) Just like ‘ok’, you can also use it to show that you understand what’s going on (that is, if you do.)

What is the meaning of Zio?

noun. uncle [noun] the brother of a person’s father or mother, or the husband of an aunt.

What is the meaning of Come ti Chiami?

What do you call yourself
The most common way to ask What is your name? in Italian is Come ti chiami? which literally translates as What do you call yourself?

What is Zio and Zia?

Amongst the younger generation, the terms zio and zia are often used colloquially to say bro / sister (friend). It is used in particular in the expression bella zio or bella zia (lit: nice uncle or nice aunt) as a way of saying that you agree with something your friend has said or done.

What is Benissimo?

adverb. (as) right as rain perfectly all right; completely well. famously [adverb] very well. fine [adverb] satisfactorily.

What does Notte mean in Spanish?

buona notte

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
buona notte Italian (goodnight) buenas noches loc interj

What is the meaning of Come Stai?

One of the most common phrases is Come stai? where come means how and stai is the second person singular of the verb stare. The latter means to stay but in this case it takes on the same meaning as the English verb to be. IPA: /ˈkome staj/

How do you respond to Come Stai?

If you are asked “come stai?” or “come va?” and you are fine, then the best way to answer is “bene”. If you feel extremely good, you can also say “molto bene.”

What does TIA mean in Italian?

Italian term or phrase: tia. English translation: aunt.

What does Managia mean in Italian?

With two sets of double consonants, mannaggia is a mouthful – but a satisfying one. It’s an exclamation you can use when you’re impatient, irritated, frustrated or disappointed, much like ‘damn! ‘ Mannaggia, che guaio. Damn, what a mess.

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