What is the setting of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

What is the setting of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

The novel is set in London but draws heavily on Stevenson’s knowledge of his hometown Edinburgh to create a chilling setting which emphasises the themes of good and evil. Setting is most important as a symbol for the characters of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

What is the setting of Stevenson’s novella The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde quizlet?

The story is set in a city which could be London or Edinburgh.

What are some quotes from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Preview — Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

  • “If he be Mr.
  • “If I am the chief of sinners, I am the chief of sufferers also.”
  • “It is one thing to mortify curiosity, another to conquer it. ”
  • “You must suffer me to go my own dark way.”

How is setting used to create tension in Jekyll and Hyde?

Stevenson uses the setting of London to expose different parts of the city, which represent different things – order versus chaos (Jekyll’s respectable London versus Hyde’s repugnant London). Descriptions of buildings and the weather are also used to heighten tension and add to the suspense.

What era was Jekyll and Hyde set in?

Victorian Era
The Victorian Era, with its stuffy rules, explosion of science and technology, and epic class disparity was the perfect setting for a story that, at its heart, is an exploration of the duality of human nature. On one side, you have the posh existence of gentlemen like Dr. Jekyll.

What year was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde set?

It is an adaptation of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, an 1886 novella by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. The story focuses on the respected London doctor Henry Jekyll and his involvement with Edward Hyde, a loathsome criminal….Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1887 play)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Original language English
Setting London

How is Hyde described quotes?

“He is not easy to describe. There is something wrong with his appearance; something displeasing, something downright detestable. I never saw a man I so disliked, and yet I scarce know why. He must be deformed somewhere; he gives a strong feeling of deformity, although I couldn’t specify the point.

What does the phrase Jekyll and Hyde mean?

Definition of Jekyll and Hyde : one having a two-sided personality one side of which is good and the other evil.

What era was Jekyll and Hyde set?

How does Stevenson create tension throughout the novel?

Throughout the story, Stevenson creates tension in a number of different ways e.g. the way the plot unfolds, the structure, characterisation, setting and by deliberately keeping the reader waiting. Stevenson shapes the plot so that we do not see the whole picture until the very end.

What is the theme of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Good versus Evil Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is as an allegory about the good and evil that exist in all men, and about our struggle with these two sides of our personality. In the novella the battle between good and evil rages within the individual.

How does Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde related to the Victorian era?

In Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886), Robert Louis Stevenson uses Mr. Hyde to show that Victorian people and society are imperfect and have dualities that Victorian values deny, ultimately leading to the destruction of the repressed person or society.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Quotes. “I sat in the sun on a bench; the animal within me licking the chops of memory; the spiritual side a little drowsed, promising subsequent penitence, but not yet moved to begin.”. “You start a question, and it’s like starting a stone.

What year does Jekyll and Hyde take place in?

Though the text never gives an exact year, we know that The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde takes place in London sometime in the 1800s.

How does Stevenson use setting in the Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde?

‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ expresses the belief that evil lives inside all of us, and that sometimes the evil can escape from the control of those who are good. Stevenson uses setting as a feature to portray the ideas that run through the book.

What are the two sides of Jekyll and Hyde?

On one side of the coin, you have the educated gentleman Dr. Jekyll, who resides in a world of fire light, scholarly conversation, and refined tastes. On the other, Mr. Hyde, who stalks the dark, foggy streets of nocturnal London committing crime after crime and indulging his wicked nature.