What is the shopping centre in Stratford called?

What is the shopping centre in Stratford called?

Westfield Stratford City
Westfield Stratford City is a shopping centre in Stratford, east London, which opened on 13 September 2011.

Is Westfield Stratford the largest shopping centre in Europe?

With 250 shops plus 70 places to dine, Westfield Stratford City is the largest shopping mall in Europe and the new lifestyle destination for East London. Part of one of the largest urban regeneration projects ever undertaken in the UK, Westfield Stratford City also offers spectacular views of the Olympic Park.

When did Stratford shopping centre open?

Stratford Shopping Centre/Opened
It was built by Ravenseft Properties Limited, and opened in 1974. Refurbished and partially extended in 1998 it comprises 330,000 sq.

When was Stratford Westfield built?

September 13, 2011
Westfield Stratford City/Opened

Is Westfield Stratford safe?

T he postcode covering Westfield shopping centre in Stratford has been named the country’s worst crime hotspot. These include 500 shoplifting offences, almost 300 violent crimes and hundreds of pick-pocketings and muggings. …

Which Westfield is better London or Stratford?

Westfield London is definitely the better choice if you’re looking for designer clothes. When the sales are on, if you want to buy quality clothes that will last for many years, it wins hands down as the better of the two.

How much did Stratford Westfield cost?

The original 43-acre Westfield site cost £1.7billion to build and consisted of 265 shops and 50 restaurants when it first opened on 30 October 2008.

How many Westfields are in the UK?

Overview. Westfield owns and operates 35 shopping centres in the US, UK and Europe valued at $31 billion.

Is Stratford London Safe 2021?

Stratford is safe, with plenty of transport to and from central London: buses, the Underground, the DLR, the Overground and other National Rail trains.

Is Stratford London a bad area?

Stratford has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for London.

Is Stratford rough?