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What is the Transamerica Pyramid used for?

What is the Transamerica Pyramid used for?

Transamerica Pyramid/Function

Today, the building stands as a symbol of pride for the city and an undeniably characteristic part of San Francisco. Originally built for the Transamerica Corporation, the building was bought out in 1999 by Aegon, a Dutch insurance company, and currently serves as office space for financial and insurance services.

How does the Transamerica Pyramid work?

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco is famous for its architecture, a broad base that tapers as it rises and increases the stability of the building. Timber frame in X supports both the vertical load as horizontal bracing with overhead allowing torsional movement of the building around its vertical axis.

Who owns the Pyramid building in San Francisco?

Michael Shvo
Designed by architect William Pereira and built by Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company, the building stands at 853 feet (260 m). On completion in 1972 it was the eighth-tallest building in the world….

Transamerica Pyramid
Owner Michael Shvo
Management Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.
Roof 853 ft (260 m)

Does the Transamerica Pyramid have an observation deck?

For instance, did you know there used to be an observation deck on the 27th floor of the Transamerica Pyramid? It was there from shortly after opening day in 1972 until 1993. The only sizable reference in The Chronicle is a 1976 article about a visit by an eighth-grade class: “It’s so commercial,” shrugged one.

Is the Transamerica building sinking?

The tower, which opened in 2009, had been tilting slightly more than 17 inches at the top at the time work began and sinking had slowed. But by 2016, the building had sunk 16 inches into the soft soil and landfill of San Francisco’s dense financial district.

Can you go up the Transamerica Pyramid?

The Pyramid is not open to the public and can only be appreciated from the outside or via a 4-camera virtual observation deck in the lobby.

Who owns the Transamerica Pyramid?

Aegon N.V.
Michael Shvo
Transamerica Pyramid/Owners

Who bought Transamerica?

Aegon bought Transamerica Corporation in 1999; the building first opened in 1972.

How much did the Transamerica Pyramid sell for?

The Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco’s second-tallest building, has sold for $650 million, eight months after a sales agreement was reached. New York investor Michael Shvo, Deutsche Finance America and other investors bought the building from Aegon, owner of namesake insurance company Transamerica Corp.

Who built the Transamerica Pyramid?

William Pereira
Transamerica Pyramid/Architects

Why is San Francisco sinking?

But the building’s situation has perhaps brought attention to the fact that heavy buildings clustered in an area atop landfill and bay mud — an area of reclaimed land that was once part of San Francisco Bay — are all collectively causing the ground to compact and sink beneath them.