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What is Tritnite?

What is Tritnite?

It says, “Tritnite is an environmentally friendly luminous material used exclusively by Invicta. Trinite requires 4-5 hours of exposure to light for it to glow brightly in the dark. It will continue to perform with regular exposure to light.”

Is tritium safer than radium?

Tritium, however, is significantly less radioactive than radium, meaning it was safe enough to be painted onto watch dials for decades, until the early 1990s when a couple of even safer alternatives — still used today — took its place.

How long do tritium gas tubes last?

However, tritium gas tubes have a half life of 12 years and will need to be replaced after roughly 24 years (modern lume such as Super LumiNova doesn’t last forever, either). Tritium glows less brightly than many lume applications at full charge, but will often be brighter within the first hour as the lume fades.

Is Superluminova radioactive?

Tritium was then replaced by superluminova, a material that has the same properties as tritium, but is not radioactive and thus more environmentally friendly.

What Lume does Invicta use?

Watch collectors are often interested in watch styles with unique lume patterns. For example, some Invicta styles feature luminescent material over a large Subaqua dragon on the dial or in other unique applications. Most Invicta styles use the well known Tritnite or Superluminova treatments as the luminous material.

Does Rolex still use tritium?

Rolex stopped using tritium in 1998 when it was banned. Following this, Rolex started using Luminova – a non-radioactive luminous material.

Does tritium stop glowing?

Since Tritium is radioactive, it will glow whether or not it receives any light exposure; however its ability to glow is limited by the radioactive half-life of the material itself. This means that as Tritium ages, its ability to glow will diminish until the point that it ceases to glow at all.

What is the difference between protium and tritium?

Tritium (/ˈtrɪtiəm/ or /ˈtrɪʃiəm/; symbol T or 3 H , also known as hydrogen-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The nucleus of tritium (sometimes called a triton) contains one proton and two neutrons, whereas the nucleus of protium (by far the most abundant hydrogen isotope) contains one proton and no neutrons.

How long does tritium last in watches?

Tritium has a half life of 12.3 years so its brightness will start to fade after that and most manufacturers give the tritium illumination a longevity of between 10-20 years. After that the watch needs to be sent back to the manufacturer to have the Tritium vials replaced. Mb Microtec is the main supplier for tritium in watches.

What is tritium used for Today?

Tritium is also used as a tracer in biomedical and academic research. Some countries use tritium as fuel for thermonuclear weapons, although Canada is committed to nuclear non- proliferation. In the future, tritium may also be used to generate electricity in fusion reactors which are currently under development.

What is the difference between tritium and superluminova?

Reactor developed a special proprietary way of applying Superluminova for their watches, which according to independent tests made them the “longest-lasting phosphorescent watches in the world “. However while Superluminova is up to five times brighter than Tritium it fades to below the level of Tritium after several hours.