What is Ward 4 DC?

What is Ward 4 DC?

Ward 4 is a largely residential area located in the northernmost portion of the city, straddling the northwest and northeast quadrants. Georgia Avenue bisects the ward, and serves as its major commercial spine, extending from the Petworth neighborhood into downtown Silver Spring, Maryland to the north.

What Ward is Barnaby Woods DC?

Ward 4
Barnaby Woods

Barnaby Woods, Washington, D.C.
City Washington, D.C.
Ward Ward 4
• Councilmember Brandon Todd

Where is the 4th Ward in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis’ Fourth Ward makes up the northernmost part of the city. Eleven neighborhoods comprise the city’s Fourth Ward: ​​the Camden Industrial Area, Cleveland, Folwell, the Humboldt Industrial Area, Lind–Bohanon, McKinley, Shingle Creek, Victory, Webber–Camden, and parts of Jordan and Willard–Hay.

What Ward is Shepherd Park DC?

Ward 4 Community Walk-Through: Shepherd Park and Georgia Avenue | mayormb.

Who is Ward 4 Council member in DC?

Janeese Lewis George
Janeese Lewis George is honored to serve as the DC Councilmember for Ward 4. Janeese is a third generation Washingtonian, a Ward 4 native, and a proud DC Public Schools alum.

Is Barnaby Woods part of Chevy Chase?

Barnaby Woods is a small neighborhood in Northwest Washington, D.C. As a residential-only area, many people consider it to be a part of Chevy Chase, which is full of acclaimed restaurants, shops and entertainment options.

How many wards are there in Minneapolis?

The Minneapolis City Council represents the city’s thirteen districts called wards.

What is Ward 4 in DC?

Ward 4 also includes the neighborhoods of Barnaby Woods and Hawthorne and portions of the Chevy Chase neighborhood west of Rock Creek Park. This area is dominated by single-family detached homes. The Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital: District Elements has Area Elements (chapters) that provide geographically-specific policy guidance.

Where are the commercial areas in Ward 4?

Smaller, local commercial areas include 4th Street, NW in Takoma, Kennedy Street, NW in Brightwood and portions of 14th Street throughout the Ward. Petworth is the southernmost neighborhood in Ward 4, notable for its rich architectural variety of townhouses, broad boulevards and circles.

What is the difference between the Comprehensive Plan and ward boundaries?

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year plan, while Ward boundaries are political boundaries that can change every 10 years due to redistricting following the decennial Census. The Comprehensive Plan Amendment project web page is plandc.dc.gov. Questions, comments and feedback on the Comprehensive Plan should be emailed to [email protected]