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What journals publish study protocols?

What journals publish study protocols?

You can publish study protocols in any of the journals which has scope of publishing your title. BMJ Open, Frontiers in Neurology, Trials, Contemporary Clinical Trials, Plos One, BMC Public Health, JMIR Research Protocols, International Journal of Clinical Trials.

What is a study protocol article?

Study Protocol manuscripts report proposed or ongoing prospective research. The publication of study protocols can reduce publication bias and improve the reproducibility of research. This also helps to prevent the unnecessary duplication of effort and work.

What is protocol for conducting research?

A research protocol is a document that describes the background, rationale, objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations, and organization of a clinical research project.

Can you publish a protocol?

By publishing your protocol in BMC Public Health, it becomes a fully citable open-access article. Publication of study protocols can reduce publication bias and improve reproducibility.

How do you make a study protocol?

The protocol should outline the rationale for the study, its objective, the methodology used and how the data will be managed and analysed. It should highlight how ethical issues have been considered, and, where appropriate, how gender issues are being addressed.

Where can I find clinical trial protocols?

Trial Registries – Protocols

  • Registry and results database of trials around the world.
  • Current Controlled Trials.
  • ICTRP Search Portal.
  • EU (European) Clinical Trials Register.
  • Trials Register of Promoting Health Interventions (TRoPHI)

How do I draft a protocol document?

  1. Developing a Protocol.
  3. Title. Protocol summary.
  4. Literature review/current state of knowledge about project topic. Justification for study.
  5. DESIGN. How study design or surveillance system addresses hypotheses and.

Does a protocol count as a publication?

But publication of a protocol in an open access repository would be sufficient – it isn’t necessary for it to appear in a peer-reviewed journal. It’s important to make any present or potential conflicts of interest clear. This should apply to authors, reviewers and editors.

Who writes clinical trial protocols?

The actual writing of a protocol is a team effort with contributions from a medical expert, a statistician, a pharmacokinetics expert, the clinical research coordinator, and the project manager, who all provide input to the medical writer to produce the final document.

What are protocols in healthcare?

In a healthcare setting, a protocol, also called a medical guideline, is a set of instructions which describe a process to be followed to investigate a particular set of findings in a patient, or the method which should be followed to control a certain disease. …

Why publish in the Journal of Public Health Research?

In addition to Original research, Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, Meta-synthesis and Perspectives and Debate articles, the Journal of Public Health Research publishes newsworthy Brief Reports, Letters and Study Protocols related to public health and public health management activities.

What are the best open access journals for publishing research protocols?

There are open-access (OA) journals that encourage the submission and publication of protocols, such as BMJ Open, JMIR Research Protocols, and Trials.

When will my study Protocol article be considered?

Study protocol articles will only be considered for proposed or ongoing trials that have not completed participant recruitment at the time of submission. Trials advises that study protocols are submitted well before recruitment completes. Please confirm the status of your study at submission.

Why publish your protocol in BMC Public Health?

By publishing your protocol in BMC Public Health, it becomes a fully citable open-access article. Publication of study protocols can reduce publication bias and improve reproducibility.