What kind of airline is Continental Airlines?

What kind of airline is Continental Airlines?

Continental Airlines flights & tickets. Continental Airlines is a major American airline based in Chicago, Illinois. The origin of Continental Airlines dates to the 1934 formation of Varney Speed Lines which operated airmail and passenger services in the American Southwest.

Where is the Continental Airlines headquarters located?

From 1961 to 1982, Continental was headquartered at the west end of the Los Angeles International Airport on World Way West. The facility included the general offices, system operations control, the central maintenance facility, flight kitchen, and Los Angeles crew bases.

What happened to Continental Airlines?

Continental ranked tenth out of the ten largest U.S. airlines in all key customer-service areas as measured by the Department of Transportation: on-time arrivals, baggage handling, customer complaints, and involuntary denied boardings. And the company hadn’t posted a profit outside of bankruptcy since 1978.

How many airports did Continental Airlines fly to in 1953?

In August 1953 Continental flew to 35 airports and Pioneer flew to 19, but Continental’s network didn’t reach beyond Denver, El Paso, Houston and Kansas City until April 1957 when it started Chicago-Denver-Los Angeles, two Douglas DC-7 Bs a day each way.

Why did Continental Airlines move its headquarters to Denver?

On October 31, 1937, Continental moved its headquarters to Stapleton Airport in Denver, Colorado. Robert F. Six arranged to have the headquarters moved to Denver from El Paso, Texas because Six believed that the airline should have its headquarters in a large city with a potential base of customers.

When did Continental Airlines merge with Pioneer Airlines?

In 1955 Continental merged with Pioneer Air Lines, gaining access to 16 more cities in Texas and New Mexico.