What mouthpiece is best for trumpet?

What mouthpiece is best for trumpet?

Here is a list of 5 of the best trumpet mouthpieces available out there:

  • Glory Silver Plated Bb Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Blessing Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Bach Commercial Series Modified V Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  • Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece.

What is the difference between a 7C and 5C trumpet mouthpiece?

Assuming Bach pieces, the 7C and 3C are roughly the same diameter, but the 7C has a more conical cup while the 3C is more bowl shaped. The 5C is bowl shaped, and slightly narrower than the 3C. Kanstul has a page that lets you overlap different mouthpieces to see the differences more easily.

What is the largest trumpet mouthpiece?

What is the largest trumpet mouthpiece? The Vincent Bach 1 mouthpiece has the largest cup diameter which means there’s a larger cup hole. That makes it easier to control the sound but the high notes are more difficult to reach. This mouthpiece is also sometimes referred to as a 1a mouthpiece.

What is a screamer mouthpiece?

The KELLY-SCREAMER is our own lead-trumpet mouthpiece design. The rim has a cushioned feel that provides good slotting and great note accuracy! Our KELLY-SCREAMER is the most COMFORTABLE, AFFORDABLE lead-trumpet mouthpiece that you’ll ever play!

What mouthpiece did Miles use?

Heim mouthpieces In the mid 50s, Miles Davis (probably one of the only jazz trumpeters we haven’t seen use a Bach!) moved onto his Heim mouthpiece. It had a narrow rim with a deep V cup that helped him create the super dark trumpet sound he’s known for.

What size mouthpiece should I use?

Generally, the larger mouthpiece is often played for lower registers, and the smaller mouthpiece is played for the higher registers. Then, deeper cup produces darker and milder tones while shallower cup produces more brilliant and clearer tones. Standard cup depth would be preferred for a flexible performance.

What does 7C mean in trumpet mouthpiece?

the 3C is slightly wider with a slightly shallower cup and a somewhat different rim design. The 7C is slightly deeper with a slightly narrower cup diameter, and a much sharper, more precise rim.

Do I need a bigger trumpet mouthpiece?

If you are not able to practice regularly, the smaller mouthpiece will help with you endurance. This may sound contradictory but with regular practice, the larger cup will allow you to continue to build, the smaller mouthpiece will not.

How do you become a screamer trumpet?

To really scream you need to jump from a low note to a high note. Then, while holding your high note, perform a lip vibrato to create the unique screeching or howling quality. Some of the greatest trumpet players are famous for their ability to do this well, but it does take practice.

What mouthpiece did Maynard Ferguson use?

Built on the concept of the modified 13C, it had a shallow concave V cup (also called a V bowl) and a #26 throat. This mouthpiece was eventually nicknamed “The Holy Grail”. It was eventually copied and sold under the name “Groovin High”. Maynard was using his Conn Constellation 38B trumpet (.

What are the different types of Purviance mouthpieces?

All Purviance models are available with a standard shank, the Purviance ‘B’ shank that decreases the gap, or converted for the Reeves Sleeve system. Purviance cornet and flugelhorn models are available. Contact us for more information. There have been several marking variations on the Purviance mouthpieces through the years.

What does a Purviance sound like?

It produces a noble sound that is dark, rich, and resonant. We are honored to offer the mouthpieces of Carroll Purviance, the famous custom mouthpiece maker in Hollywood, California, who gave Bob Reeves his start in the 1960s. Bob Reeves inherited Purviance’s tooling in 1969 and we continue to use it today.

Why choose Bob Reeves brass classical series trumpet mouthpiece?

As the trumpet repertoire gets harder, technological advances in equipment make sense; however, tradition resists these advances to preserve the classic trumpet sound. At Bob Reeves Brass we bring tradition in harmony with technology. The result is the Bob Reeves Brass Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpiece.

What is a c2j trumpet mouthpiece?

The first mouthpiece of its kind, designed by Bob Reeves in the early 1990s, the C2J will give your trumpet a warm, flugelhorn-like sound without the burden and playing issues common with doubling on flugelhorn.