When did Comedy Circus ended?

When did Comedy Circus ended?

Comedy Circus was one of the rare Indian TV shows to have never been pulled off the air, despite a constantly changing cast. The latest season of the show, called Kahani Comedy Circus Ki, will end on May 23.

Who won Comedy Circus 2019?

Krushna Abhishek is a well-known actor and comedian on Indian television. His role as Sapna in The Kapil Sharma Show received widespread acclamation among the viewers. While he is regarded as one of the finest talents in the comedy genre, he was once outraged when Kapil won Comedy Circus.

How many comedy circus has Kapil won?

six seasons
Kapil Sharma won 6 seasons of a comedy reality show in a row. Kapil Sharma has won six seasons of comedy reality show ‘Comedy Circus’ in a row. For the final season which he won, Kapil was paired with Sumona Chakravarti, and they were tied as winners along with Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lehri.

When did Kapil Sharma join Comedy Circus?


Year Title Role
2008-09 Laughter Knights Contestant
2009 Ustaadon Ka Ustaad
Hans Baliye
2010-13 Comedy Circus Winner of 6 consecutive seasons

Who won Comedy Circus Ke SuperStars?

Season summary

Year Season Winners
2010 Comedy Circus Ke SuperStars Kapil Sharma Parvati Sehgal
2010 Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo Kapil Sharma Mukti Mohan
2010–2011 Jubilee Comedy Circus Kapil Sharma Shikha Singh and Rajeev Nigam Krishna Abhishek
2011 Comedy Circus Ke Taansen Kapil Sharma Ali Asgar

What is the Comedy Circus show?

The Comedy Circus Show is an Indian comedy show that airs on Sony Entertainment Television . Comedy Circus 1: Hindi TV Show where daily soap stars perform stand-up comedy. Paired with the “finest” stand up talent from India and Pakistan.

When did the first season of Comedy Circus Ke Superstars start?

Comedy Circus Ke Superstars premiered on 24 October 2009. The first episode also contained Govinda who introduced new artists and was guest judge. Comedy Circus – Maha Sangram involved contestants of three previous seasons.

What is Jodi Jamegi’s Comedy Circus?

The show was created by the Optimystix Entertainment, this Mega Laugh Riot with the tag line of ‘Jodi Jamegi, Public Hassegi’ guarantees hysterics on Sony TV. Comedy Circus 2: Comedy TV Show that started its second season at Sony TV on 26 April 2008.

How are the jodis scored in comedy TV shows?

Jodis (Pair or teams of two) were scored by the judges and the live studio audience to determine eliminations. Kaante Ki Takkar: After Comedy Circus 1 & 2, Kaante Ki Takkar was the new comedy TV show which had the jodis of Comedy Circus 1 led by Archana Puran Singh versus the jodis of Comedy Circus 2, led by Shekhar Suman.