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When was Cinderella first released?

When was Cinderella first released?

March 4, 1950 (USA)
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What is the original Cinderella story?

The first recorded story featuring a Cinderella-like figure dates to Greece in the sixth century BCE. In that ancient story, a Greek courtesan named Rhodopis has one of her shoes stolen by an eagle, who flies it all the way across the Mediterranean and drops it in the lap of an Egyptian king.

How old is Cinderella 1950?

After two years in production, Cinderella was released by RKO Radio Pictures on February 15, 1950. It became the greatest critical and commercial hit for the Disney studio since the first full-length animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and helped reverse the studio’s fortunes.

How do you cite Cinderella in 1950?

How to cite “Cinderella” (movie)

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What age did Cinderella get married?

Snow White – 14 years old Cinderella – 16-19; an age is not specified, but getting married at a young age was common during her time and she was still living with her stepmother and two unmarried stepsisters at the time. Aurora – 16; the curse on her stated that she would prick her finger at this age.

How old was Cinderella when she got married?

Cinderella was a more mature 19 years old when she met her Prince Charming. Tiana, who was the first African Disney Princess, was 19 years old. Ariel is 16 years old when she decides she knows better than her father in The Little Mermaid.

Who played Cinderella in the 1950s?

In the original 1950 film, Cinderella is voiced by American singer and actress Ilene Woods. In 1948, Woods was a young eighteen-year-old singer working as a radio personality at the time and hosting her own eponymous radio program The Ilene Woods Show.

What was the first Cinderella movie?

Cinderella Movies: Walt Disney’s Cinderella (1922 & 1950) The first animated feature in the series was a Laugh-O-Gram piece produced by Walt Disney in 1922. The film was released on December 6, and ran a total of 7 minutes.

Who is the princess in Cinderella?

Cinderella makes her first appearance in the 1950 full length animated feature film Cinderella. She is the second Official Disney Princess. She was voiced by the late Ilene Woods and is currently by Jennifer Hale.

Is Cinderella a Disney story?

Cinderella is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures’ 12th animated feature film Cinderella (1950) and its sequels Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002) and Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (2007). In the original film, Cinderella is voiced by American singer and actress Ilene Woods .