Where can I find the king Krampus?

Where can I find the king Krampus?

Krampus is a Boss that appears during the Yuletide event. He is located in Krampusgarten (Gold Lock), which requires a Gold Skeleton Key to enter. “Naughty, naughty. Krampus sees all!”

What are some of the best Krampus quotes?

Punctuality is a virtue!” – If a Wizard joins after the duel has started, Krampus will cheat-cast a Shadow Spell DoT for 750 Fire Damage over three Rounds and a -75% version of Smoke Mantle on the Wizard. “A gift for Krampus? You shouldn’t have!”

How does Krampus affect the town?

Krampus first brings about a powerful snowstorm surrounding the neighborhood the family lives in (most of their neighbors are gone for Christmas and are thus spared, but anyone else in town is attacked or frozen to death), cutting off all power, including heat.

How does Krampus work in D&D?

Each round a creature begins its turn stuffed into Krampus’s bag, it must succeed at a DC 32 Fortitude saving throw or be regressed back to its childhood. The creature is affected in size as if via reduce person, but none of the target’s gear changes size.

What is Krampus The Devil?

Krampus is the wicked version of Santa Claus. His only concern is to punish children and/or parents who have been very naughty and disobedient on Christmastime and/or have lost all their Christmas spirit. If the people he torments cannot repent, they will be sent to the Underworld.

When will Krampus return to the game?

Do you like this video? Krampus has been removed from the game as of the 26th of January 2020 as it was part of the Christmas 2019 Event. This page has been preserved for historical purposes.

What did Krampus leave behind for OMI?

That Christmas Eve, Krampus came and attacked her entire town, dragging everyone to the underworld except Omi, who he left behind as a reminder to never lose her Christmas spirit. He also gave her a bauble (Christmas ornament) with his name on it. Following this, everyone except Howard is shocked silent.