Common questions

Where can I print something from my email?

Where can I print something from my email?

The UPS Store offers a wide variety of printing and finishing services, including electronic file access (e.g., emails, CDs, USB drives), color and black-and-white digital printing, black-and-white copies, binding, collating and laminating.

Can you AirPrint at Staples?

No other printer apps in the top 25. I have not seen regular printers at Walmart, but their photo centers allow you to print from your phone (see below). Staples offers an instruction page that includes Google Cloud Print and AirPrint.

Can you print at USPS?

Visit Printing For Less Our highly qualified team of 300+ employees deliver exceptional print quality with award-winning customer service backed by our A+ BBB rating and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How much does it cost to Print at FedEx?

The FedEx printing price depends on many factors, such as paper size and color. It may vary from 49 cents per page and grow up to $15 per page.

How much does it cost to make copies at Staples?

So, people go to a copy store instead of printing at home. Have you been wondering about how much does it cost to make copies at Staples? Of course, everyone wants to save a little money on copy printing. To answer your question, you can get color copies made at Staples for $0.13 a page and black and white copies made for $0.04 per page.

Can you print from your phone at Staples?

Print from your mobile device. Here’s how: Step 1: Email your document to [email protected] and expect a confirmation email. Step 2: Select “Print,” then “Email” on any one of our in-store self-serve machine’s touch screens. Step 3: Enter or scan your 8-digit confirmation barcode from your email and start printing.

How do you print at Staples?

Staple as you print. Choose File > Print. Use your default printer (Black2Sided on staff-printer) or choose a different print type. Click Printer Properties. Choose the Output tab. Under Output Options > Staple: Click the arrow next to None and choose the type of stapling you need. Click OK.

Can you print something at Staples?

Yes you can take print out in staples ,take your document to front desk and ask him that you need printouts then he will charge accordingly and h will give you print outs ,if you have your document in Flash drive means you can give it to them so that they will download this document to there computer and they will give print out.