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Where do you put Latin honors on a resume?

Where do you put Latin honors on a resume?

The Honors section should list any awards or distinctions you received, such as Dean’s List, cum laude or Phi Beta Kappa. Because they are Latin phrases, magna, summa, and cum laude should always appear in italicized, lower case letters.

Where do you put honors on a resume?

Where should you place this section? The honors and activities section is generally placed after the education and experience sections of the rsum. Since this section is usually the last one on the rsum, you can include as many or as few honors and activities as space permits.

Where do Latin honors go on LinkedIn?

If your major doesn’t match what LinkedIn suggests, add your own major by simply not selecting LinkedIn’s suggestions. In the Grade field, enter your GPA or whether you graduated Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, or Magna Cum Laude. If you don’t have a respectable GPA or can’t remember back that far, don’t worry.

Do you capitalize Latin honors?

Italicize Latin honors As your honors are Latin words, they should always be italicized and written in lower case. For example, you might write summa cum laude on your resume.

Are Latin honors important?

Latin honors signify high academic achievement and can be an important element to include on your resume. Listing your Latin honors on your resume can showcase your ability to achieve high levels of success as well as your motivation to succeed.

How do you say graduated with honors on a resume?

If you have graduation honors, include them in the education section of your resume next to your degree title regardless of the resume’s intent.

How do you write an Honours degree on a CV?

For Degrees You should make it clear what kind of degree you studied, such as Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration or Bachelor of Science. These can be abbreviated to BA, MBA or BSc, respectively. If you received your degree with honours, then you should denote this as BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons).

How do you write accomplishments on a resume?

High-quality resume accomplishments are quantifiable and measurable….To start generating ideas for your summary of accomplishments, ask yourself the following questions:Did I make or save the company money? Did I reach my goals quickly? Did I exceed my goals often?