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Where is danso Indules morrowind?

Where is danso Indules morrowind?

Danso Indules is a Dunmer healer and member of the Tribunal Temple who resides in Vivec City. She can be found outside High Fane in the city’s Temple Canton.

How do I get to the Archcanon in Morrowind?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Once the Fourth and Fifth Trials are completed, go to the Temple Canton in Vivec to meet with Archcanon Tholer Saryoni.
  2. Talk with Danso Indules near the entrance to the High Fane and arrange a meeting with the Archcanon.

How do I become a Nerevarine?

Through the Main Quest, the player character becomes the Nerevarine, by progressing through the Seven Trials, becoming immune to all diseases, acquiring Moon-and-Star and being named Hortator and Nerevarine by the Great Houses and Ashlander Tribes of Vvardenfell, respectively, eventually fulfilling the Nerevarine …

How do I meet vivec?

Talk with Danon Indules in the Temple tunnel to arrange the meeting with the Archcanon. Enter the Archcanon’s office from the locked back door in the Hall of Wisdom. Talk with Archcanon Tholer Saryoni to arrange a meeting with Vivec. Go South to Vivec’s palace, and talk with the god.

Who was nerevar?

Lord Indoril Nerevar, also known as Nerevar the Captain, Nerevar Moon-and-Star, and Godkiller; was a Chimer hero who lived during the First Era. He was a champion of Azura and the first Hortator, or war-leader/champion, of the unified Chimer and Dwemer, following the overthrowing of the Nordic Empire in Resdayn.

How do you get Wraithguard?

Wraithguard can be obtained from Vivec as a gift, where he activates it for you and tells you the location of the Keening and Sunder.

What are the 36 lessons of Vivec?

Written by ex-Bethesda designer Michael Kirkbride, The 36 Lessons are Vivec’s own account of their strange birth, life and ascension to godhood as a member of the Tribunal (or ALMSIVI), the three god-kings of Morrowind.

Is Vivec alive in eso?

No one really knows Vivec’s fate, though some have gone so far as to claim that he was “taken” by the Daedra during the Oblivion Crisis, and others that he was killed by the Nerevarine.