Where is the best place to zipline in Costa Rica?

Where is the best place to zipline in Costa Rica?

9 Best Costa Rica Zip Line & Canopy Tours

  • Arenal Reserve: Aerial Tram & Canopy Zipline.
  • Diamante Superman Canopy Zip Line.
  • Jaco Canopy Zipline Tour.
  • Jaco Rainforest Aerial Tram.
  • Manuel Antonio Canopy Safari Zip Line.
  • Monteverde Sky Aerial Tram & Zipline.
  • San Luis Canopy Tour.
  • Arenal Hanging Bridges Hike & Hot Springs Tour.

Has anyone died ziplining in Costa Rica?

Accidents happen and there have been fatalities on canopy zip-lines, waterfall rappels, scuba diving, parachuting, ATV trail riding, and on horseback in Costa Rica.

How high is the Superman zipline in Costa Rica?

Highlights. Superman: 1, 360 meters / 4,461 feet – almost one mile long and has a great ocean view. Quick Jump: Freefall down a 30-ft tower like a bungee jump.

What is the fastest zipline in Costa Rica?

Aventura Canopy Longest Zipline Cable Latin America At 1590 meters long this is thrill that you will remember for a long, long time!

What is the longest zip line in Costa Rica?

Monteverde Zip Line Canopy Tour
Monteverde Zip Line Canopy Tour. Longest zipline in the Costa Rica – over 5220 feet (1590 meters – almost 1 mile)!

How safe is zip lining in Costa Rica?

Is zip lining in Costa Rica safe? Short answer: yes. Zip lining in Costa Rica is extremely safe. Regardless of where you go, you’ll find knowledgeable and funny guides there to assist you with your harness, slow you down or stop you if you go to fast, and make you feel comfortable before you zip off into the clouds.

How safe are ziplines in Costa Rica?

What do you wear zip lining in Costa Rica?

Wear clothing that’s not tight and not loose. You’ll need to be able to move your arms and legs around without your clothes billowing in the breeze – or falling off! You can wear shorts, but be sure they’re long enough for a harness to fit overtop, rather than chafe your legs. Wear close-toed shoes without a heel.

Is there a weight limit for ziplining in Costa Rica?

Zip line weight limits: In general terms, most canopy tours in Costa Rica haven’t a maximum weight limit. This condition is mainly due to the maximum weight the cables can support, if you don’t know it, the cables can resist a force of about 5,000 lbs.

Is it scary to go on a zipline?

How Scary Is Zip-Lining? Not terrifying, but zip lines will definitely make your heart pound. The scariest part of riding a zip line is jumping off the platform. You have to fight your natural instincts and put trust in your guides and gear to finally make that jump — but it’s worth it.