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Where is the CIE th Stone 14?

Where is the CIE th Stone 14?

Enemy Info

Mark Ectopudding
Stone Location Archylte Steppe – Central Expanse
Mark Location Near the pond in the middle of the Central Expanse
Class D
Additional Foes None

How many Cie th stone missions are there?

Cie’th Stones will divulge the information about a certain monster that must be destroyed. There are 64 missions in all, some of which are overseen by the fal’Cie Titan.

Where is mission30 ff13?

Mission 30: Syphax, the Insidious My mark dwells in the abandoned dig Cie’th lair deep withing the bowels of Mah’habara Subterra.

Where are the Chocobos in ff13?

Getting a Chocobo Chocobos only become rideable when you have the Gyashl Reigns, and you can only acquire these as a reward through Cie’th Mission 14. Once you complete Mission 14, all the birds across Gran Pulse are yours to ride. Their locations are marked on the map with the yellow circles.

What chapter is pulse ff13?

Map of Chapter 11 – Gran Pulse – Mah’habara and Sulyya Springs. Paradigm [1] should be used to cast Haste and Enthunder on everyone. Then use [2], [3], [4], depending on your HP, to Stagger enemies one at the time. Save the game and continue North.

Is there a guide for all Cie’th stone missions?

This is finished “Guide” for all Cie’th stone missions. Keep in mind that this guide solely focuses on locations of Cie’th Stones and their appropriate targets. Missions between 1-64 Have been posted now!! Golden Watch was used on pretty much all of the missions and weapons were almost all at their Tier3.

Is it easy to find Cie’th stones?

While the first few Cie’th Stones are fairly easy to find, there are some that are well hidden or require certain conditions to unlock, and there’s nothing more annoying than finding out the mission you’re after isn’t from the Cie’th Stone you’ve just fought half the zone to get to.

Where are the Cie’th stone missions in Titan’s trials?

The following Cie’th Stone missions (35 – 51) are found in the Faultwarrens where you can work your way through Titan’s Trials. You’ll have to repeat several of the missions more than once in order to unlock all of the missions available here.