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Which note is best for Physics 12?

Which note is best for Physics 12?

Full Best Notes for Physics Class 12 CBSE

  • Chapter 8 → Electromagnetic Waves.
  • Chapter 9 → Ray Optics and Optical Instruments.
  • Chapter 10 → Wave Optics.
  • Chapter 11 → Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter.
  • Chapter 12 → Atoms.
  • Chapter 13 → Nuclei.
  • Chapter 14 → Semiconductor Devices.
  • Chapter 15 → Communication Systems.

Is Physics 12 exam hard?

The CBSE Class 12 Physics paper was of moderate difficulty but a little lengthy as per experts. It was not too tough but questions were mostly conceptual. Students found the paper lengthy and tricky to some extent as per the feedback received.

What are physics Keypoints?

Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. Matter is generally considered to be anything that has mass and volume.

How many chapters are there in class 12 physics?

15 chapters
A. NCERT Physics textbook for Class 12, consists of a total of 15 chapters as per the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE.

What is physics short note?

Physics is a branch of science. It is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. The main goal of physics is to explain how things move in space and time and understand how the universe behaves. It studies matter, forces and their effects. The word physics comes from the Greek word ἡ φύσις, meaning “nature”.

What is electric flux Class 12?

Electric flux – Electric flux is the measure of number of electric field lines passing through any surface . It is a scalar quantity. It’s S.I unit is volt meters. Gauss Law- It is defined as the total flux linked within a closed surface is equal to the 1ε0 times the total charge enclosed by that surface.

Is class 12 physics easy?

It is a fact that Physics taught in classes 10 and 12 is easier than what is tested in competitive exams. This is the toughest and most conceptual part of Physics and takes time and patience to learn. So keep patience and learn Mechanics very well.

Is class 12 physics tough Quora?

12 board physics paper is not tough , if u know how to solve problems , derivations and have your concepts clear. IF YOU HAVE STUDIED WELL FOR YOUR EXAM THEN IT WOULD BE THE MOST EASIEST THING EVER AND IF YOU HAVE NOT STUDIED THEN IT WOULD BE THE MOST DIFFICULT TASK FOR YOU.

Is physics easy in 11th?

Online Physics Class for Class 11 Physics is often known as the most difficult subject to score in both Boards and entrance exams as this subject needs high logical reasoning, aptitude, good in numerical portion.

Is class 11 physics easy?

11th physics is way tougher one than 12th. To grab a seat , I suggest make your biology as strong as possible since it has maximum and easy questions to get through. Then chemistry and then physics. Usually students who are strong in biology face difficulty in solving physics.

Which topics are removed from Physics 12?

Deleted Syllabus of Class 12 CBSE 2021-22 Physics

Unit Name Deleted Topics
Chapter 12 – Atoms No topics deleted
Chapter – 13: Nuclei – Radioactivity, alpha, beta and gamma particles/rays and their properties – Radioactive decay law, half-life and mean life – Binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass number