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Who created Black Rock Shooter?

Who created Black Rock Shooter?

illustrator Ryohei Fuke
Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター, Burakku Rokku Shūtā) is a Japanese media franchise based on characters created by illustrator Ryohei Fuke, also known as Huke.

How old is Huke artist?

April 20, 1981).

Who is Hukeweb?

Huke is a graduate from an animation college. huke soon became involved in certain illustrations based on the game Metal Gear Solid, and to enable to identify himself over the Web, he registered in Pixiv and he created a personal blog. On December 2007, he submitted an illustration of Black★Rock Shooter.

Who is the artist for Steins Gate?


Producer(s) Chiyomaru Shikura Digitarou Tatsuya Matsubara
Artist(s) Huke
Writer(s) Chiyomaru Shikura Naotaka Hayashi Shimokura Vio Tanizaki Ouka
Composer(s) Takeshi Abo

Who is Huke?

Cuyler “Huke” Garland is a Call of Duty esports player, currently a player for Los Angeles Guerrillas. He is a 2020 World Champion. Some of his other notable teams were FaZe Clan, Denial Esports, Team Envy, and Dallas Empire.

Who drew Takanashi Kiara?

Crunchyroll – VTuber Takanashi Kiara Gets 1st Single Cover Drawn By Steins;Gate Character Designer Huke.

Is there a Black Rock Shooter game for PSP?

Various Black Rock Shooter elements have been made available for the Japanese PlayStation Home. Characters from Black Rock Shooter also appear in the PSP game Nendoroid Generation, produced by Namco Bandai, Good Smile Company and Banpresto, based on the Nendoroid series of figures. The game was released on February 23, 2012.

What is Black ★Rock Shooter?

The main character of the game, Black★Rock Shooter (in the game a “living weapon” designated with the name BRS ), is entrusted with the responsibility to protect mankind, possessing the abilities to fight against the invaders as the ultimate weapon.

What is the theme song for Blackrock shooter the game?

Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME is a role-playing game based on the Black★Rock Shooter concept, released on the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), developed by Imageepoch. The game combines elements of a role-playing games, shooting games and third-person shooter game.s The main theme song for the game is ” NO SCARED “, performed by ONE OK ROCK.

What is the name of the girl in Black Rock Shooter?

Stella is the incarnation of the Black★Rock Shooter character who is the main character of the PSP game Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. She is a “living weapon” given the code name BRS, and was designed to combat the alien forces that invade the Earth in the near future, and becomes part of the sole resistance force that fight against the invaders.