Who is behind Les cocottes?

Who is behind Les cocottes?

Created by Chef Christian Constant, ‘Les Cocottes’ propose a concept of chic bistro, full of seasonal products. The design and presentation of the dishes in casseroles bring a tasty and highly original savour.

Is there a table available at Les cocottes Arc de Triomphe?

We are delighted to read that you greatly enjoyed your meal in our restaurant Les Cocottes Arc de Triomphe and look forward to welcoming you back in a near future. Best, Laurence Seguin Communication Director I had a hunch when i saw that there was a table available. We dressed up considering it was a 2 star michelin.

Can you eat at Le cocottes without a reservation?

Came to Le Cocottes without a reservation on Wednesday night. The michelin rated restaurant seems to have the same name So when the taxi driver dropped us off, i had to look for the causal version. The food was excellent. We had to sit at… the bar since we didnt have a reservation The place was hotter than the outside,.