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Who is Gupta in Ice Age Continental Drift?

Who is Gupta in Ice Age Continental Drift?

Kunal Nayyar
Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) – Kunal Nayyar as Gupta – IMDb.

Is Kunal Nayyar a US citizen?

Forbes listed Nayyar as the world’s third-highest-paid television actor in 2015 and 2018, with earnings of US$20 million and US$23.5 million, respectively….

Kunal Nayyar
Born 30 April 1981 Hounslow, London, England
Nationality British
Alma mater University of Portland (BBA) Temple University (MFA)
Occupation Actor

Who plays Raj Koothrappali?

Kunal NayyarThe Big Bang Theory
Raj Koothrappali/Played by
The Big Bang Theory’s Raj actor Kunal Nayyar is unrecognisable in first look at new thriller with Uma Thurman. MORE than two years have passed since The Big Bang Theory aired its final episode – and one of the cast members looks completely unrecognisable these days.

Is koothrappali a real surname?

Yes, his middle name is the name of a Hindu religious book, to put it simply. His last name Koothrapalli is some indication of his region. Since it ends in “palli”, he could most probably be from either of the two South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh or Kerala.

How old is Kunal Nayyar from the Big Bang theory?

Kunal Nayyar (/kʊˈnɑːl ˈnaɪ.ər/, kuu-NAHL NY-ər; born 30 April 1981) is a British-born Indian-American actor known for his role as Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory that aired from 2007 to 2019.

Who is Kunal Nayyar’s wife?

Kunal Nayyar was born on April 30, 1981. His star sign is Tauras. He is a London-born, Indian actor. He was raised in New Delhi. He is currently married to Neha Kapur, who was Miss India 2006!

Who is the voice of Gupta in ice age?

Nayyar voiced Gupta in Ice Age: Continental Drift in 2012. During the same year he completed the shooting of his first film, Dr. Cabbie, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The film was produced by Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

How tall is Nayyar in real life?

Nayyar debuted on-screen in 2004, playing a bit role in the romantic comedy S.C.I.E.N.C.E. He is 5’8″ (1.73 m) tall. Kinal Nayyar is most known for his part as Rajesh Koothrappali Ph.D, a physicist on the series The Big Bang Theory. He was born in London to a Punjabi family and moved to India when he was just four years old.