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Who is Sulzer?

Who is Sulzer?

Sulzer GmbH is a mid-sized full-service provider for process and IT consulting. We concentrate on clients in the automotive sector. Our range of services extends from innovative developments and cluster control to various consulting topics, including startup management and traditional development, operation and maintenance services.

Why Sulzer IT Solutions & business consulting?

Discover why top industry brands trust Sulzer IT Solutions & Business Consulting to shape their digital transformation. Supporting the digital transformation strategies of leading automotive companies. Optimizing core process efficiencies, reducing costs to free up funds, and driving innovation across automotive supply-chains.

How did Sulzer GmbH rank in 2020?

With domestic sales of 74 million euros in 2020, Sulzer GmbH ranks 14th in the top 25 ranking of… With untiring passion and vision, Dr. Johann Sulzer built up the company and dedicated himself to his life’s work with the greatest commitment. We are deeply grateful for the time we were able to share with him.

What is Sulzer’s mission statement?

We guide Sulzer as an international company. Our primary goals are to remain independent, sustain success, and to safeguard prosperity for all. Diversity is important to us at Sulzer: It is what sets us apart. It stands for the interaction of different ways of thinking, skills, and experiences.