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Who Killed Vito Scaletta father?

Who Killed Vito Scaletta father?

Vito later discovered that Derek was responsible the death of his father, who had Steve Coyne kill him by drowning him in the bay and making it look like an accident. When he found this out, Vito avenged his father by killing Derek and Steve.

Is Vito Scaletta a good guy?

Vito Scaletta – Mafia 2 No one that goes into the criminal underworld can be classified as a good guy, no matter how charming they may be with the ladies. Even by Mafia standards, though, Mafia 2 protagonist Vito Scaletta is not only a bad guy but a lousy friend.

How did Lincoln Clay get his scar?

Lincoln’s war experiences scarred him mentally and physically, leaving him unable to sleep soundly and insisting on sleeping in the basement, most likely suffering from PTSD. Throughout his war with the Marcano family, Lincoln displayed a much darker side to his personality.

How long did Vito go to jail?

Vito Rizzuto
Relatives Paolo Renda (brother-in-law)
Allegiance Rizzuto crime family
Conviction(s) Conspiracy to commit arson (1972) Conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering (2007)
Criminal penalty Two years’ imprisonment; served 18 months 10 years’ imprisonment and fined $250,000; served five years

What happened to Leo Galante?

In 1933 he conspired with Carlo Falcone to assassinate Tomaso Moretti, bringing an end to the Vinci-Moretti War and the Moretti crime family. Leo currently resides in a large mansion in Highbrook, Empire Bay.

What unit was Lincoln Clay in?

the 5th Special Forces Group
Clay. Lincoln served in the 5th Special Forces Group, one of the most decorated units of the Vietnam War.

How old is Vito from Mafia 2?

Vito appeared as an unnamed hit man in the ending cutscene of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, making him the only Mafia series character to appear in all three games. Vito was 7 when his family moved to Empire Bay, 18 when Mafia II begins and 26 when it ends.

Who is the protagonist of Mafia 2?

Vito Scaletta is the protagonist of the second Mafia Series video game – Mafia II. He is an up-and-coming gangster in the Empire Bay criminal underworld who became a made member of the Falcone Crime Family .

What happened to Vito in the Godfather series?

Vito is arrested and later sentenced to ten years in Hartmann Federal Penitentiary for his role in the ration stamp theft. Shortly after his arrival, Vito is confronted by a vengeful Brian O’Neill, who’s serving a sentence for his failed robbery at the West Side Mall, for which he blames Vito.

Is there going to be a Mafia 2?

Mafia II. It is the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. The game is set in the 1940-50s era Empire Bay, a fictional city based on New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit. The player assumes the role of Vito Scaletta, a small time criminal and World War II veteran who works his way up to become a made man in the mob.