Who owns Bridges Financial?

Who owns Bridges Financial?

the IOOF group
About our parent. We are part of the IOOF group, a leading financial services provider in Australia. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:IFL) IOOF is in the top 200 listed ASX companies and provides services to over 1 million clients Australia-wide.

Does IOOF own bridges?

Bridges is an IOOF-owned and operated ‘mass market’ dealer group with 144 advisers currently registered at ASIC, while RI advice is a self-employed ‘holistic’ advice group of 195 advisers that was picked up as part of the ANZ Wealth acquisition in 2018.

Who owns RI Advice?

IOOF Holdings Ltd.
RI Advice is now owned by IOOF Holdings Ltd. The conduct of both RI Advice and Mr Doyle was examined in a case study on ‘Bad Advice’ as part of the Financial Services Royal Commission.

Who owns Godfrey Pembroke?

Sydney-based private wealth firm, Stanford Brown has acquired Godfrey Pembroke advice business, World Square Financial Services.

What companies does IOOF own?

Brands operated by IOOF include:

  • Bridges.
  • Consultum.
  • Lonsdale.
  • Ord Minnett.
  • Shadforth.
  • Australian Executor Trustees.

Who owns retire invest?

RetireInvest Clarence Valley and Mid North Coast is owned locally by Simon Reid and his wife Kate.

Who owns RetireInvest?

ANZ Banking Group owns RI Advice Group (formerly Retireinvest) through OnePath. AMP Group also owns Charter Financial Planning and Hillross Financial Services.

Who owns IOOF super?

Renato Mota
It currently services approximately one million customers and employs roughly 2000 employees….IOOF (company)

Type Public
Key people Allan Griffiths (Chairman) Renato Mota (CEO)
Products Advice, investment, superannuation and trustee services

Does IOOF super still exist?

You can take your IOOF Employer Super account from job to job and through to retirement without incurring capital gains tax, other transfer costs or inconveniences. We are one of only a handful of plans to offer this feature, which is extremely beneficial to you – especially at retirement.