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Who played the gymnast in Seinfeld?

Who played the gymnast in Seinfeld?

Katya was portrayed by Elina Löwensohn.

Who played Lindsay on Seinfeld?

Jessica Hecht
The Gymnast

“The Gymnast”
Original air date November 3, 1994
Guest appearances
Ian Abercrombie as Justin Pitt Lois Nettleton as Mrs. Enright Elina Löwensohn as Katya David Blackwood as Beck Maurice Godin as Misha Jessica Hecht as Lindsay Enright Damian London as Party Guest James Sweeney as Aronson Phil Ramsey as Man in Car

Who was Jessica Hecht in Seinfeld?

Jessica Hecht, who played George’s girlfriend Lindsay, on Seinfeld, recalls, “They were such a genius system of MAKING IT funny, and George MAKING IT funny that you just kind of plugged yourself in and people would scream with laughter.” Watch the clip from “Today Show” below!

Who played Misha on Seinfeld?

Misha is Katya’s friend, also Romanian, and a circus tightrope walker. He is injured after falling thanks to Kramer’s shouts of pain from an arena restroom. He appears in The Gymnast and is portrayed by Maurice Godin.

Was Saul Goodman on Seinfeld?

The man who defined Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill, a character we’d get to know even better on the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, was also on Seinfeld. Bob Odenkirk was in the Season 8 episode The Abstinence, as a soon to be doctor who dumps Elaine.

Why did George take his shirt off in the bathroom?

Jerry and Kramer find out about one of George’s odd bathroom habits: whenever he goes into the “office” he takes off his shirt so as to feel “no encumbrances.” Jerry talks about how George is better with the mothers of his girlfriends than with the girlfriends themselves.

What was Mr Pitts job?

Justin Pitt, usually called Mr. Pitt, is Elaine’s eccentric boss during Season Six. He is an executive at Doubleday publishing company and hired Elaine to be his assistant solely because she reminded him of Jackie Onassis when they first met, sometime after Pendant Publishing went out of business.

Who from breaking bad was on Seinfeld?

1 Bryan Cranston Prior to this, he had a recurring role on Seinfeld as Jerry’s dentist nemesis, Tim Whatley.

What episode of Seinfeld is the gymnast?

” The Gymnast ” is the 92nd episode of Seinfeld. This was the sixth episode for the sixth season. It aired on November 3, 1994, during a special “Blackout Thursday” night on NBC, in which all shows in the Must See TV line-up, except this one, featured a fictional New York City blackout (e.g., Friends episode ” The One with the Blackout “).

What is the 92nd episode of Seinfeld?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. ” The Gymnast ” is the 92nd episode of Seinfeld. This was the sixth episode for the sixth season.

What did George Louis Costanza say to Jerry Seinfeld?

George Louis Costanza: One little bite. Jerry Seinfeld: Well, that’s garbage. George Louis Costanza: But I know who took the bite. It was her aunt. Jerry Seinfeld: You, my friend, have crossed the line that divides man and bum. You are now a bum. “Adjacent to refuse is refuse.”

Who is Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend-of-the-week?

He’s not alone though. Michael Richards and Jason Alexander are at their best. In addition, Romanian actress Elina Löwensohn is terrific as Jerry’s girlfriend-of-the-week, and their final conversation is fantastic, even if it makes no sense at all. Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.