Common questions

Who qualifies for sheltered housing in Scotland?

Who qualifies for sheltered housing in Scotland?

They are available to anyone over the age of 60, or 55 with a medical condition. They allow tenants to retain as much independence as they want, while having the peace of mind that comes with living in a community of like-minded individuals.

What are the disadvantages of sheltered housing?

The Cons include high exit fees when your property is sold. This fee is contained in the lease agreement. Also, it can be difficult to sell as the resale market is limited. The service charges are higher than comparative services as more are supplied and they are ususally delived by the managment company.

How does sheltered housing work in Scotland?

Sheltered housing gives people the independence of having their own flat with the security of having an alarm system. The flats or ‘single rooms’ are within a complex which often has a communal area. Facilities can include: self-contained flats with their own kitchen and bathroom.

Does sheltered housing affect PIP?

They are classed as having support rather than care. If your brother is funded through Housing Benefit rather Social Services or the NHS, then this should not affect his entitlement to PIP. I hope this helps.

Where is greengreenrod place?

Greenrod Place enjoys a convenient location in Brentford, close to the River Thames at Kew and just over a mile from the nearest underground station. The court has a range of facilities for residents including two welcoming communal lounges, a laundry, guest room, restaurant and Car park.

What is the Edinburgh community hub?

Our Edinburgh Community Hub is a one-stop shop for anyone who is homeless, facing homelessness or needs advice about a housing-related problem. The Hub offers specialist advice on housing, homelessness and welfare benefits, as well as having a team of solicitors who make sure your rights are represented and fairly enforced.

What is sheltered housing support?

Sheltered Housing Support offers the peace of mind of having a home with access to our alarm service for emergency help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It also means access to support during working hours. Sheltered housing staff can talk through any worries you may have and give you tailored advice and support.