Who were the first Bagisu?

Who were the first Bagisu?

Wangusa (1987), who is a novelist and literature scholar, recounts that the first man among the Bagisu was called Mundu. Together with his wife Seera, Mundu emerged from a hole on top of Mount Elgon (Mount Masaba). They produced two sons- Masaba and Kundu, the former being a hunter while the latter a herdsman.

Where did Mundu and sera come from?

Origins. The Bagishu have no tradition of an early migration form somewhere. They assert that their ancestors were called Mundu and Sera whom tradition says came out of a hole on Mt Masaba (Elgon).

Why do the Bagisu practice circumcision?

It is a symbol of courage and represents a boy’s respect for his family and community, bringing his relatives honor. In addition, circumcision is a cultural marker, which distinguishes the Bagisu from their non-circumcising neighbors.

What is the legend of bagisu?

The Bagisu are believed to have originated from the hole of Mountain Elgon. Their ancient life was anti-social and survival in the society was attached to the Slogan “Survival to the Fittest”.

Do Ugandans get circumcised?

In Uganda, only 20% of men practice traditional male circumcision for cultural and religious reasons. This is considerably lower than Kenya (80%) or Tanzania (70%) but similar to many other southern African countries.

Could Mbale circumcision Festival boost tourism in Uganda?

With the biannual circumcision ceremony being approved by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, authorities hope it can boost tourism and bring additional funds to the region as there are other exciting spots and places of historical interest in the Mbale area apart from the festival.

Why is imbalu merrymaking celebrated in Uganda?

It is merrymaking every two years in the Bugisu or Gisu region in eastern Uganda as they celebrate Imbalu, a circumcision ritual that initiates boys into men.

What is the history of imbalu?

Imbalu in Bugisu began over 200 years ago when Masaba, from whom all Bamasaba (the collective name of Bugisu), including the Bakusu in Western Kenya claim ancestry, was circumcised. Masaba wanted to marry a Kalenjin lady called Nabarwa but this could not happen unless he was circumcised, the woman told him.

What happens on the day of the circumcision ceremony?

On the day of the ceremony, initiates should have already been taken to the sacred swamps and mud where they are smeared with clay. They are then taken to their mothers’ clan before prepared for circumcision.