Who wrote Close My Eyes Forever?

Who wrote Close My Eyes Forever?

Lita Ford
Ozzy Osbourne
Close My Eyes Forever/Composers

When did the song Close My Eyes Forever come out?

Close My Eyes Forever/Released

Who plays guitar on Close My Eyes Forever?

Lita Ford recorded “Close My Eyes Forever” as a duet with Ozzy Osbourne, and the pair wrote the song together. Ford was once engaged to Tony Iommi, who played guitar with Osbourne in Black Sabbath.

How old is Lita?

63 years (September 19, 1958)
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Who sings that song if I close my eyes forever?

Close My Eyes Forever/Artists

What songs did Ozzy and Lita Ford sing together?

The song was written by Ford and Osbourne as the result of an accident in the studio, during which they both drank heavily and inadvertently wrote the lyrics to the song together….Close My Eyes Forever.

“Close My Eyes Forever”
Single by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne
Recorded 1987
Genre Glam metal
Length 4:42

Who sings the song when I close my eyes forever?

What is the meaning of the song Close Your Eyes?

This song was inspired by Bublé’s Argentinian wife Luisana. He wrote the tune sitting at the piano and it serves as a homage to the strength of women, and how much men depend on them.

How old is singer Lita Ford?

What is Lita Ford’s tattoo?

Lita Ford has a tattoo on her right forearm that says “Black Widow,” the name of one of her songs.

How much are the Osbournes worth?

Ozzy Osbourne net worth: Ozzy Osbourne is a British reality TV star and musician known as the Godfather of Heavy Metal who has net worth of $220 million… Sharon Osbourne net worth: Sharon Osbourne is a music manager, promoter, and reality TV personality who has a net worth of $220 million. Sharon Osbourne…

Who wrote Close my Eyes Forever by Ozzy Osbourne?

” Close My Eyes Forever ” is a duet by Lita Ford with Ozzy Osbourne from Ford’s 1988 album Lita and later remixed and released as a single titled ” Close My Eyes Forever (remix)” in 1989, with the single only differing from the album version in sound quality editing. The song was written by Ford and Osbourne as the result…

What does the song If I Close my Eyes Forever mean?

William from HellIf I close my eyes forever song in circa 2014: means that the woman e.g. Heather wants e.g. William to close his eyes forever. Meaning very bluntly that if he truly loves her suicide is suppose to be the preferred way for William to die real soon.

What was the song Close Your Eyes by Lita Ford about?

Pedro Sanchez, Professional Mexican from Chattanooga, Tn CLOSE YOUR EYES by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne what was it about – The woman, either accidentally like leaving a baby in a hot car too long OR killed the baby via “Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP)” or pure neglect killed the baby.

What’s the difference between Kiss Me Deadly and Close my Eyes Forever?

The songs charted a year apart, with “Kiss Me Deadly” peaking in June 1988 and “Close My Eyes Forever” in June of the following year. Both songs were driven by MTV exposure, with the photogenic Ford appealing to the network’s core audience of young males.