Why did Robbie Vincent leave Jazz FM?

Why did Robbie Vincent leave Jazz FM?

Robbie, who has been on Jazz FM for almost three years with a weekly show, announced his decision to leave the station on Twitter and Facebook this morning. Robbie has told he’s leaving because he fears a ‘radio armageddon’ is on its way.

What happened to Robbie Vincent?

And Robbie Vincent will make a return to weekly broadcasting on Jazz FM following a series of specials in May last year. He’ll present a two-hour Sunday afternoon show 1pm – 3pm.

What radio station is Robbie Vincent on?

Jazz FM
Following the recent launch of Jazz FM Premium, we are leading the way by creating the first presenter curated 24/7 channel. Robbie Vincent’s Music Garden will feature hand-picked songs from his own playlist to provide an upbeat and sizzling soundtrack.

How old is Robbie Vincent?

74 years (June 9, 1947)
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Who runs Jazz FM?

GMG Radio
102.2 Jazz FM

Format Jazz
Owner GMG Radio

Where was Robbie Vincent born?

Felixstowe, United Kingdom
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What time is Robbie Vincent on Jazz FM today?

Music and artists on the channel include Bobby Womack, Maze, MFSB, Billy Paul and so many more who make up Robbie’s “essential rhythms” that fill the music garden in his Jazz FM radio show each Sunday lunchtime on Jazz FM (1-3pm).

What is Jazz FM premium?

With Jazz FM Premium, you have access to 20 exclusive stations including Jazz DNA, Big Band & Swing and New Heat. You also get access to 80 exclusive online stations across all our Premium radio stations. Start your FREE 30 day Premium trial here.

Can you download Jazz FM?

Download for Android The new app is smoother, loads faster and shows song and artist information. It’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you already have the app on your mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play to update it. Happy listening!

When is Robbie Vincent back on Jazz FM?

Radio legend Robbie Vincent will make a return to weekly broadcasting on Jazz FM following a series of specials in May 2020. Before his new show – which starts Sunday 4th April from 1pm – we sat down with him to get a flavour of what we can expect. If you want to get in contact or drop Robbie a message, you can reach him here

Is Tony Minvielle returning to the radio with Robbie Vincent?

Jazz FM is to introduce a new look to Sundays that sees a new daytime slot for broadcaster Tony Minvielle and the return of Robbie Vincent to a regular show. The changes follow the announcement over the weekend by Jeff Young that he is to leave the station after 10 years.

What is Robbie Vincent famous for?

Robbie Vincent (born 9 June 1947) is an English radio broadcaster and DJ whose catch phrase for many years was “If it moves, Funk it”. As a champion of jazz, funk and soul music in the UK during the late 1970s his contribution both live in clubs and on radio cannot be overestimated.

What happened to John Vincent from Radio 2?

In 1989 Vincent moved to work for LBC radio. His night-time phone-in show was one of the highest rated programmes on the station. In 1995 Vincent’s personality won him a Variety Club award. As Radio 2 began to modernise, he briefly was heard on the station in the autumn of 1997 but this did not last.