Why does my phone say SIM network unlock PIN?

Why does my phone say SIM network unlock PIN?

What does it mean when your phone asks for a SIM network unlock PIN? It means your phone is network locked to the original network carrier. It can not be used with any other sim cards until it gets network unlocked by inserting a 8 or 16 digit unlock code.

How can I unlock my Samsung j1 pin?

Forgotten screen lock.

  1. Turn your phone off. You may need to remove and insert the battery.
  2. Hold the home button and volume up key.
  3. Turn your phone on.
  4. Using the volume down key, highlight wipe data/factory reset and press the power key to select.
  5. Use the volume down key to highlight Yes — delete all user data.

How do I wipe my Samsung Galaxy J1?

  1. Ensure that the device is powered off. If the screen is frozen, remove/reinsert battery.
  2. Press and hold the. Power. + Volume up.
  3. From the Android system recovery screen, select. wipe data/factory reset. .
  4. Select. Yes — delete all user data. .
  5. Select. reboot system now. .

Is network unlocking free?

The first and best route is to go to the carrier. If you are eligible to unlock your phone, then it’s completely free! The FCC says: “Participating providers may not charge existing or former customers additional fees to unlock a device if it is eligible to be unlocked.

How do I turn off SIM PIN on Samsung?

Turn on / off SIM PIN

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Lock screen and security.
  4. Tap Other security settings.
  5. Scroll to ‘SIM card lock,’ then tap Set up SIM card lock.
  6. On Lock SIM card, move the slider to ON or OFF.

How do you unlock a SIM network?

Unlock the Android Phone from the ‘Sim Network Unlock Pin’ Screen. Once, you know your phone’s IMEI number. You can give the number to your current carrier and then ask them for the code. Once the carrier sends you the code, you just need to type it in the ‘Sim Network Unlock Pin’ screen and then tap on the unlock button.

How to network unlock Samsung?

– Turn off your Samsung phone – Insert a non-accepted sim card (different from the original carrier) and turn your phone back on. – When prompted for the unlock code type the UNFREEZE code provided. – Once the phone freeze is disabled, the Network lock or SP Lock screen will appear – For Network lock enter the UNLOCK code provided. For SP Lock enter the SERVICE PROVIDER code – Your phone is now fully unlocked!

What is a SIM card unlock pin?

A Sim Network Unlock Pin is a pin used to unlock a mobile device which is locked to a specific network. Usually phones are sold locked to a network as they are bought on ‘contract’ or sold cheaply by networks in order to entice customers to buy them and they are then forced to pay whatever the network wants to charge.

What is a SIM unlock code?

A PIN Unlock Key or Personal Unblocking Key (PUK code) is a unique number that’s used to unlock the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card for your phone. The SIM card contains all the account details your phone needs to make and receive calls—including generated passwords, or PIN codes.