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Why is Tanystropheus neck so long?

Why is Tanystropheus neck so long?

With this information, the most likely lifestyle for Tanystropheus was that the animal was a shallow-water predator that used its long neck to stealthily approach schools of fish or squid without disturbing its prey due to its large body size.

When did Tanystropheus go extinct?

The Tanystropheus is an ancient reptile that thrived during the Late Triassic Period in what is now Europe. It went extinct roughly 215 million years ago. During its hay day, the ancient long-necked reptile grew as long as a Green Anaconda and weigh roughly as much as a Panda Bear.

Can Tanystropheus swim?

The context of its prehistoric environment hints that Tanystropheus lived along ancient shores. That much experts could agree upon. But the reptile didn’t look like a streamlined swimmer. And while found shoreline habitats, Tanystropheus also seemed to lack traits associated with strong swimming skills.

Is Tanystropheus a dinosaur?

Tanystropheus was a genus of the Prolacertiformes order, not the Dinosaur order. Tanystropheus was a piscivorous (or ‘fish-eating’). It lived during the Triassic period in Europe and the Middle East.

Is Tanystropheus a plesiosaur?

Some of these animals are very familiar: plesiosaurs. Some Plesiosaurs, members of the Plesiosauroidea, had ridiculously long necks. This trait was shared with the lesser known Triassic Tanystropheids, such as Tanystropheus longobardicus.

How long is a Tanystropheus?

20 ft.

Tanystropheus hydroides, the newly-described species of reptile that lived 242 million years ago (Triassic period), was about 6 m (20 feet) long, with the neck making up half of that length — three times as long as its torso.

Can Tanystropheus drop its tail?

The tail of Tanystropheus was long and acted like that of modern lizards. If a predator caught it by the tail, the Tanystropheus can voluntarily drop its tail to create a diversion as it escapes. This was also useful for the predators as the tail could serve as a decent meal.

What are the predators of a Coelophysis?

Their enemies included the enormous phytosaurs, which weighed a ton or more, and the active and powerful rauisuchid predators such as Postosuchus. These adversaries dominated the Triassic landscape, both on land and in the water.

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