Will go a long way toward or towards?

Will go a long way toward or towards?

‘Towards’ is correct. ‘To’, following ‘went’, implies reaching a destination, which is not the meaning intended. The writer seems to be mixing up two expressions: (a) ‘went a long way towards satisfying’ and (b) ‘did a great deal to satisfy’.

What is the meaning of go a long way towards doing something?

if something goes a long way towards doing something, it helps someone to achieve something. The money raised will go a long way towards paying for Freddie’s medical treatment. Synonyms and related words. To be advantageous and yield benefits.

Has come a long way meaningful sentence?

1 : to rise to a much higher level of success : to become very successful He’s come a long way from his days as a young reporter. Now he’s one of the country’s most respected journalists. 2 : to make a great amount of progress Medicine has come a long way in recent years.

Will go a long way sentence?

(idiomatic) To be adequate or helpful for a significant amount of time. This new law will go a long way in addressing this issue. Thank you for your generous donation; I’m sure it will go a long way. (idiomatic) To achieve considerable success.

Is it long way or long ways?

The Usage Note states, in part: In American English ways is often used as an equivalent of way in phrases such as a long ways to go. The usage is acceptable but is usually considered informal.

Whats the difference between toward and towards?

The only difference between toward and towards is the s. Both spellings are correct, and they mean the same thing: in the direction of. Toward is the preferred spelling in the United States and Canada. In other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, towards is the more common spelling.

How do you use long way to go in a sentence?

Have much progress to make before accomplishing a goal. ‘He has a long way to go if he wishes to finish ahead of the defending champion. ‘ ‘This is one company I am totally keen on getting a job at but I know I have a long way to go.

Has a long way meaning?

If you say that someone or something has come a long way, you mean that they have developed, progressed, or become very successful. He has come a long way since the days he could only afford one meal a day. See full dictionary entry for way.

Is it come a long way or came a long way?

Almost always used in the present perfect tense (“has come a long way,” “have come a long way”).

What is a long way?

Definition of a long way : a great distance Their house is a long way (away) from here. She went a long way to see him.

Is it a long way to go or a long ways to go?

What does go a long way toward mean?

Have considerable effect or influence on. For example, This argument goes a long way toward proving the scientists are wrong, or, as Eudora Welty put it in The Ponder Heart (1954): “It went a long way toward making him touchy about what Uncle Daniel had gone and done.” This idiom, then put as go a great way toward, was first recorded in 1697.

How to deal with the feeling that a bad situation will never end?

Another way to address the feeling that a bad situation will never end is by thinking about similar situations that you went through in the past and you’ve successfully overcome. You can find a precedent nearly every time if you think hard enough.

What to do when going through tough times in life?

When going through tough times in life, think about this for a second and start noticing the things to be grateful for. It will completely change your perspective. You’ll realize things aren’t that bad after all, and that, troubles and all, life is worth appreciating.

Why do we forget failure when going through tough times?

When going through tough times in life though, we tend to forget this. We see failure as an indicator that we’re not on the right path, but not as a learning experience which can put us on the right path. Most learning in life comes from trial and error.