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Are there zoning laws in Virginia Beach?

Are there zoning laws in Virginia Beach?

With the exception of City-owned rights-of-way, all of the land in the City of Virginia Beach has a designated Zoning District. These districts are defined in the City of Virginia Beach’s Zoning Ordinance which describes the regulations applicable to each district.

How big can my shed be in Virginia Beach?

500 square feet
​Sheds/Accessory Structures/Detached Structures – The maximum allowable square footage of a detached/accessory structure is 500 square feet or 20% of the living area of your home, whichever is greater. The structure cannot exceed the height of the house.

What does a2 zoning mean in Virginia?

AGRICULTURAL 2 (A-2) DISTRICT. Sec. 23-6.3.1. – Purpose and intent. The purpose of the agricultural 2 (A-2) district is to protect and maintain the rural character of the county and to protect and enhance the agricultural economy of the county.

Do I need a permit to build a shed in Virginia Beach?

Virginia 22035-5505. If shed is less than 256 Sq ft a zoning permit will be required, no building permit is required. Why is it important to have a permit for a shed in Virginia Beach, it might hold up your closing.

Do I need a permit for a fence in Virginia Beach?

​A fence permit is required whenever a fence is within 30 feet of, and substantially parallel to, any public right-of-way.

What document usually guides most local zoning in VA?

The comprehensive plan is the policy document that guides development in an area. The zoning ordinance, typically comprising both text and a zoning map, includes land use regulations that classify property into various zones, restrict the use of land, impose development standards, and include procedural requirements.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in Virginia Beach?

What is a 1 zoning in Virginia?

The Light Agriculture (A-1) Zone is intended to ensure that the rural character of portions of the planning area is maintained. Typical uses in this zone include truck farming, field and tree crops, and low density residential uses.

What does B 2 zoning mean?

ZONING DESCRIPTION SHEET “The B-2, Neighborhood Business-Arterial District is intended to provide areas of limited size along arterial streets in proximity to low density residential areas for a limited range of basic commercial trade and personal services.

Do you need a permit for a yard sale in Virginia Beach?

Garage/Yard Sales No Permit required. Up to 3 days per sale. One sign may be placed on the property where the sale will be conducted.

How tall can a privacy fence be in Virginia Beach?

In Virginia Beach fences cannot be taller than 8ft and require landscaping if the fence will be constructed within 10ft (30ft if the fence is chain link) of a right-of-way. However, vinyl fences may be located directly beside a right-of-way as long as the area is properly landscaped.

How tall can your fence be in Virginia?

6′ tall
Fences on residential properties can be a maximum of 6′ tall. Fences placed between a house and any street can not be taller than 4′ unless a Special Exception for fence height is approved. Zoning Administration is responsible for ensuring that all the above requirements have been met.

Is Virginia Beach haunted?

One of the other very notorious places in haunted Virginia Beach is the Princess Anne Country Club. Still bearing the name of the original county (Princess Anne County), this country club is more than it seems…much more.

What zone is Virginia Beach in?

Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach (city) County, VA is located in Eastern Time Zone.

What is the noise ordinance in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach, VA – The Virginia Supreme Court today struck down Virginia Beach’s noise ordinance because it is unconstitutionally vague. The ordinance prohibits “any unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise in the city” that “disturb[s] or annoy[s] the quiet, comfort or repose of reasonable persons.”.

What is the city code for Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach, VA is currently using one area code which is area code 757. In addition to Virginia Beach, VA area code information read more about area code 757 details and Virginia area codes. Virginia Beach, VA is located in Virginia Beach City County and observes the Eastern Time Zone.