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Can anyone go to BCA auctions?

Can anyone go to BCA auctions?

To attend BCA online sales, you must be a professional company and you must be registered.

Are BCA auctions open to the public?

All BCA sales will only be accessible through BCA Live Online and the BCA Buyer app, with no physical buyer attendance at sales anywhere in the BCA network. This is introduced as a temporary measure and will be reviewed regularly, the remarketing company said.

Is British car auction open to the public?

All sales currently remain online for trade account holders only and we’re keeping close to the latest government guidance. We’ll look to restart physical auctions when appropriate.

Can I buy car from BCA?

Directly want to buy a car? BCA also offers a possibility to buy cars directly from the platform, without having to bid in an auction. Online 24/7 with fixed car prices.

Can individuals buy from BCA?

The update means customers can now bid or buy in all of BCA’s online channels via the BCA Buyer app – real time Online Auctions, Buy Now fixed price sales and Bid Now fixed time auctions. BCA says that 14,000 unique users are now regularly accessing BCA’s sales programmes via the Buyer app.

How can I buy with BCA?

Buying with BCA is easy

  1. Register with BCA. By filling in our registration form you can request your BCA account and start buying cars within 48 hours!
  2. Get a welcome call.
  3. Search for a car or auction.
  4. Attend an auction.
  5. Buy one or more vehicles.
  6. Support.

Can you buy from BCA?

At BCA you have several ways to buy a vehicle, and all sales are available online from your computer! You can either buy online at auction or fixed price, or you can visit us and bid in an auction hall some countries. On this page you can find an overview of the possibilities.

How can I buy on BCA?

Is BCA trade only?

The BCA (British Car Auctions) is one of the largest organisations operating and handling car auctions across the UK – both at physical auction houses and online. To use some of these assets and to take part in the auctions, you must register whether you’re in the trade or just a private individual.

Will BCA reopen?

Rumours are circulating in the motor trade market that BCA will not be reopening its auction houses. As it stands the company have confirmed that physical sites will remain closed and “under review” for the foreseeable future. BCA’s competitor Manheim is also continuing to only offer online auctions.