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Did anyone invest in Levi Roots?

Did anyone invest in Levi Roots?

History. On 7 February 2007, Roots appeared on Dragons’ Den and convinced Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh to invest £50,000 in return for 40% of his company. The sauce gained fame as a result of his memorable television appearance and on 9 February 2007, Sainsbury’s were confirmed to be interested in stocking it.

How much did Levi Roots ask for on Dragons Den?

Reggae singer and chef Levi Roots strummed his way into the Den asking for £50,000 to manufacture his spicy Reggae Reggae Sauce.

Was Levi Roots successful on Dragons Den?

Back in 2007, Reggae singer and chef Levi Roots pitched his spicy Reggae Reggae Sauce to the Dragons’ and successfully managed to secure £50,000 to manufacture his product.

How much did Peter Jones make from Levi Roots?

After impressing the dragons, he was given the investment by Peter Jones in exchange for 40 percent in the business. Peter Jones has an estimated net worth of £500million so it is no surprise he has helped Levi build his fortune.

How much is Levi Roots worth 2021?

Levi Roots Net Worth: Levi Roots is a British-Jamaican musician, television personality, celebrity chef, and businessman who has a net worth of $45 million. Levi Roots was born in Clarendon, Jamaica in June 1958. Roots has performed with James Brown and Maxi Priest.

Does Peter Jones still own Levi Roots?

Peter Jones remains a shareholder and advocate for the brand, claiming ‘it’s one of my most successful investments from the show’. But on top of his Levi’s career has taken some wonderful turns. After the sauce took off and Levi was thrust into the spotlight following his little screen fame.

Is Levi Roots A Millionaire?

Multi millionaire, Jamaican born, Levi Roots – the man whose ‘reggae reggae’ sauce skyrocketed to success on a popular British TV show – will share insights into his entrepreneurial journey with UWI Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) students on Monday, April 8th.

Are Levi Roots rich?

What is Levi Roots doing now?

Keith Valentine Graham (born 24 June 1958), better known as Levi Roots, is a British-Jamaican reggae musician, television personality, celebrity chef, author and businessman currently residing in Brixton, in South London.

What did Levi Roots do on Dragons Den?

Levi Roots; musician, chef and “Dragon slayer”. In January 2007 Levi was invited on to the BBC show Dragons’ Den where he famously sang about the virtues of his Reggae Reggae Sauce and became, without doubt, the most famous participant on the show.

What is levlevi Roots Reggae Sauce?

Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce is a jerk barbecue sauce. In 2006, 4,000 bottles of the sauce were sold at the Notting Hill Carnival . He later took the sauce to a food trade show, where he was spotted by a BBC producer who approached him to appear on Dragons’ Den.

How did Richard Branson become on Dragons’ Den?

He later took the sauce to a food trade show, where he was spotted by a BBC producer who approached him to appear on Dragons’ Den. He appeared in the first episode of the fourth series in February 2007, seeking £50,000 of investment from the Dragons in return for a 20% equity stake in Reggae Reggae Sauce.

Who is the founder of Dragons’ Den?

Founder Denise Hutton-Gosney pitched her dance schools to the Dragons’ back in 2007. She secured an investment of £50,000 from Duncan Bannatyne. With the dragon’s support, the company was able to pursue an aggressive expansion with scores of franchises opening across London, the UK and overseas.