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Did he really eat an octopus in Oldboy?

Did he really eat an octopus in Oldboy?

The octopus-eating scene is especially notable because Choi Min-sik really ate a live octopus during filming. He actually ate four live octopuses, because they did four takes.

Was the squid in Oldboy real?

The octopus being eaten alive was not computer-generated; four were used during the making of this scene. Actor Choi Min-sik, a Buddhist, said a prayer for each one.

What is the plot twist in Oldboy?

Mi-do’s truth in Oldboy The biggest plot twist that we are presented in the end is Mi-do being Dae-Su’s daughter all along, who Woo-jin secretly raised. While Dae-Su spends his time trapped in a prison, he is subjected to hypnotic suggestions where Woo-jin implanted triggers meant to control him once he got free.

Where was Oldboy filmed?

Oldboy was filmed in Busan (부산광역시), Mount Lyford, Seul (서울특별시) and Songgye High School.

Was the sister pregnant in OldBoy?

Also did the sister ever actually get pregnant? It’s really unclear. Lee Woo-Jin tells Dae Su: “your rumor got so out of hand that the next rumor was that Soo-ah was pregnant. My sister got sucked into that rumor and began believing it.

Did Woo Jin sleep with his sister?

On the day before Dae-su was to transfer to a different high school in Seoul, he saw Woo-jin sleep with his own sister, Soo-ah.

Is the vengeance trilogy connected?

The Vengeance Trilogy (Korean: 복수 삼부작) is the name given to a South Korean thematically-linked unofficial film trilogy directed by Park Chan-wook, comprising Sympathy for Mr. The films are not narratively connected and were dubbed a trilogy by international critics due to their thematic links.

Where was oldboy filmed?

Where can I watch Oldboy 2003?

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What is the difference between Oldboy 2003 and Oldboy 2013?

The most noticeable difference between the two films while the main character is imprisoned is what they write on the paper provided to them in the hotel room. Oh Dae-su writes a detailed journal of what he goes through over the course of several years in Oldboy 2003. Joe writes letters to his daughter Mia in Oldboy 2013.

Are the old boy movies based on a true story?

Both Oldboy films are based on the Japanese manga of the same name. Written by Garon Tsuchiya and illustrated by Nobuaki Minegishi, the Old Boy manga was published by Futabasha magazine between 1996 and 1998 throughout eight volumes. The manga is mostly incredibly similar to the main storylines of both films.

What happened to Oh Dae su in Oldboy 2003?

In Oldboy 2003, Oh Dae-su is a troublesome drunk that is arrested for his behavior on his daughter’s fourth birthday. Upon getting released, he makes a phone call to his wife and daughter. He hands the phone to his best friend, No Joo-hwan, and is then kidnapped without a trace of his whereabouts.

What is the most jaw-dropping scene in a movie?

Take the film’s grisliest, most jaw-droppingly memorable scene, in which the vengeful Korean businessman Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) rips through a hallway of bad guys, armed only with a claw hammer. Instead of slicing through them like a superhero, Oh Dae-su takes a consistent licking.